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A Drink Before the War

Cersei is on the Iron Throne and she's got as much right to it as anyone, really. She has Tommen on her lap, and she's trying to soothe him. This is difficult, because the sound effects suggest that there's fighting right outside the throne room. She wants to tell him a story about the mother lion and the baby cub that lived in the Kingswood. There were other things in the Kingswood. Evil things. Like stags. Tommen objects that stags aren't evil. "They only eat grass!" he points out. This kid doesn't get symbolism yet. Well, Cersei adds wolves to the list. They're not inherently evil, but at least they're more menacing. I'm with Tommen, though. It's hard to build a good parable out of the innocent lion that was menaced by the evil stag. Outside on the beach, Tyrion is woozy as he watches soldiers ride up on horses and start chopping off heads. The riders have a banner with a lion on it. Cersei's story involves the lion cub learning that all the animals will bow to him. Even the squids, I guess, although it's not clear how a cephalopod bows. The camera points at the door to the throne room as she continues "They will all come to you, little lion, to rest a crown on your head." Cersei unstoppers her nightshade. Tyrion closes his eyes and fades. The soldiers on horseback are chopping off heads left and right while Cersei's story continues as a voiceover. She concludes with, "I will keep you safe my love. I promise you." She's got the bottle to Tommen's lips when the doors burst open. It's Loras Tyrell and some soldiers! Wait, Loras?

From the wall, Stannis sees his men run away. He's furious at them. Two of his men are up on the wall with him and they pull him away from his attack. Man, that's got to be disappointing. Down in the throne room, the soldiers behind Loras part. It's Tywin Lannister! Cersei is pleased to see her father and drops the bottle of nightshade. He announces, "The battle is over. We have won." Cersei hugs Tommen. I imagine the next thing that happens is Tywin asking where Joffrey is so he can punch him in the face.

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