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A Drink Before the War

More fighting! The Hound is absolutely slaughtering people. Someone on fire runs at him, shouting and waving an axe. And the Hound is unable to move! I guess he's having flashbacks to his burn. But before the guy on fire can get there, he takes an arrow to the forehead and falls down dead. It was Bronn, of course. The Hound looks up at him and I think Bronn smirks a little. Then he kills two more people with a knife, just to show off. The Hound looks around and his field of vision appears to be filled with fire. He staggers back inside the gate and all his men follow. The gate gets closed. Way to go, dummy.

Stannis has his men put up ladders and they start climbing up to the battlements, which is another word for crenellations. I used "crenellations" earlier because I think it's a better word, but Cersei called them battlements. I don't want there to be any confusion about whether they're at the battlements or the crenellations. Stannis climbs up there and Joffrey is running around. The Hound is dazed and has someone bring him a drink. The first drink is water, which is obviously not what he wants. He gets wine next, which is more what he was looking for. He takes several drinks and walks away. But he goes past Tyrion, who asks if he would like some iced milk and raspberries. Savage burn! The Hound tells him to eat shit and Tyrion says he's on the wrong side of the wall. The Hound explains that he lost half his men and the Blackwater's on fire, which he appears to consider a valid reason for retreat. Joffrey shouts that he commands him to go back out there and fight. The Hound thinks about it. Tyrion tells him that he's Kingsguard and he must beat them back or they'll take the city. The Hound takes a drink and answers, "Fuck the Kingsguard. Fuck the city. Fuck the king." He walks away. I can see where he's coming from. It's probably not all that fun to be awesome at fighting and have to spend all your time letting Joffrey tell you what to do.

Joffrey doesn't see it that way. He looks positively bereft.

Boats continue to get rowed up to the beach. Arrows continue to rain down on them. There's a battering ram with a bull's head on it. Some enterprising fellows have taken their boat out of the water and turned it upside down so they have some protection while they run up the beach. It sounds like a good idea, but it's probably pretty difficult to flip one of those boats over while people are trying to kill you. But this one is designed to do that to protect the people on the battering ram. The ram -- oh! It's not a bull's head, it's a ram! Of course! It's a visual pun! -- comes up to the gate. Rocks fall down on people climbing the ladders.

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Game of Thrones




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