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March Of The Fat

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March Of The Fat

Because we have another 15 minutes or so to kill, Steve says ominously, 'It's not over yet." He explains that the goal of the march is for everyone to finish. But of course that's out the window thanks to Notorious K.I.M.'s defection. As for the remaining marchers, they can choose to vote off anyone who they think is holding them back at the end of each stage. They can choose not to vote for anybody, but it might not be strategically wise.

In this particular situation, if they don't vote anybody off (i.e. Shane), they all have to backtrack and make up the 13 miles that he didn't complete from the day before. Yes, the aforementioned "brutal" 13 miles. All the marchers spew out some jibber-jabbers about how they're all on the fence, how Shane is the heart of the team and they all just loooove him. Then they vote, and Shane and Wendy are the only ones who don't vote for Shane. Goodbye, preacher man. We barely knew ye. Shane takes a cue from every other reality-show loser and says his journey has just begun. He wants to lose half his body weight, and vows to return to marching once his feet have healed. March to the beat of your own drummer, Shane!

Coming up this season: Will and Anthony get into a hissy-fight. Wendy falls on ground. Chantal cries. People get voted off. More people quit. The marchers hit Times Square and see their faces on an LCD billboard. Someone throws something at some point. And a crowd cheers them on at the finish line. Wow, this doesn't seem at all compelling or interesting. See you next week!

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Fat March




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