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March Of The Fat

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March Of The Fat

Given Notorious K.I.M.'s attitude problems, it's time to get down to the nuts and bolts of the game. Steve explains that every time a marcher quits or leaves, the rest of them will lose ten grand from their individual winnings. He adds that Notorious has "got to get it together" for the team. She does, and finishes the day's walk. But she is bested by Shane. Even the other teammates admit -- to his face! -- their surprise that he didn't finish in last place with 519 pounds to carry.

Once they get to the campsite, Notorious K.I.M. dons the biggest fur-lined hoodie I've ever seen in my life. She's becoming more annoying with each step, sure, but I simply adore her street couture. Needless to say, she's never been camping in her life. Wendy agrees that this ain't no Club Med, and Shane jokes that "To survive, we're going to have to kill someone and eat them." Glad that one's out of the way. Cannibalism jokes are so last year.

They gather around as Notorious K.I.M. sourpusses that she's come "from the gated community to the tent in the woods." She stomps into the second stage of grief and unleashes on Lorrie: "This is bullshit. Where's the fuckin' hotel?" It seems completely out of nowhere because everyone else just kind of laughs and moves on.

Day Two breaks in Holliston, MA. Today the march will cover 8.5 miles. Steve explains that the camping was a purposeful shock to the marchers' systems, and Will seems to have taken it hard. He blubbers (no pun intended) that he can't even put his socks and sneakers on by himself, and admits that he was thinking about quitting after the first day. To give Lorrie a well-deserved break, Steve takes Notorious K.I.M. for the day. As they eat breakfast, Chantal tries to give Notorious K.I.M. a pep talk. Chantal admits in an interview that everyone's going through the same things as the K.I.M., but being less loud about it.

Notorious K.I.M. then moves on to stage three of the grieving process: bargaining. She offers to pay each of the others ten grand so she can leave. So the choice is between keeping ten grand and letting Kim leave of her own will…or losing ten grand when she inevitably storms out? Is this really a question? Take the money!

Once Steve informs the marchers that they'll be walking an extra three miles that day, Notorious K.I.M. starts up about her physical problems. She insists she can't breathe, but Steve calls bullshit, pointing out that Kim is clearly having no problems breathing because she's talking all the damn time.

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Fat March




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