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And now for the big reveal: They're all full of crap! Everybody backs down and votes for Nobody, Foreshadowing's half-cousin from Sheboygan. After Will reveals his vote, Anthony breathes a sigh of relief. To drive the point home, Steve asks Will why, and Will says he didn't want to "kill anyone's dream" or (more importantly) lose money. Anthony smugly explains that he voted for Nobody because he lost the most weight. It doesn't really make sense, but okay. Chantal continues to reveal that she might be the dumpy doppelganger of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction by saying she would have had to "hurt somebody" if anyone had voted for another marcher. Perhaps she's just prone to hyperbole, but I'm going to do my part and issue advanced warning to the bunnies on the Fat March trail -- don't let Chantal anywhere near you with a pot or a bottle of water.

Still to come this season: Tree climbing. Will is not having it. He claims he has this grand idea in his mind that one day he'll surprise everyone, but I think he and I both suspect he won't. Wendy looks like she's encountering real struggles for the first time as she sits the ground. They cast votes again, and Loralie cries. They walk through Times Square, screaming. Michael walks, looking very motivated and very slim. And my DVR cuts off. And I don't care. Now if the show could suddenly switch gears in Times Square and become Tranny March, then we'd be talkin'. Until then, dear readers, march on.

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