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Steve continues to pound the point home that Will and Chantal jeopardize themselves and their teammates by making bad choices, and they risk being voted off. Then Anthony does some sort of psychotic crossing-off gesture like he's writing on his vote-off chalkboard, but then it becomes a stabbing motion that is altogether unsettling. Anthony's emotional maturity is really shining through. Michael sums up, "Will and Chantal offer nothing to anyone here. Zero."

As Stage Two concludes, the teams are trekking through New Haven, CT, in anticipation of tomorrow's weigh-in/vote-off. Will is under fire as Wendy says he uses his weight as an excuse not to do anything. Anthony (who will, in just moments, finish this stage behind Will) says he struggles every day with whether Will is going to finish. He calls Will "pathetic" and smugs that voting Will off will be "sweet happiness." Matt, who I'm beginning to love a little, develops a strategy to keep Will angry with his bitchy teammates like Anthony so that he'll walk faster. This strategy seems to work, too, because Will beats Anthony to the finish line and is more than little satisfied that Anthony no longer has that as ammo to vote him off. Ha!

As the weigh-in approaches, they're all pretty reasonable about their weight-loss expectations, except Chantal, who says she'll go ballistic if she doesn't have a "huge" loss. Lorrie tells them they've all completed 150 miles. To their great joy, all the guys experience total losses in excess of 30 pounds. Anthony loses the most -- 37 pounds, which puts him below 400 -- and my roommate comments, "He'll get laid in no time." To which I respond, "Well, it may take a little time." And again remember that I'm going to hell. But whatever, I call 'em like I see 'em. (I'm a recapper! I don't need to be appropriate!) Chantal loses ten pounds this stage (total of 14) and is happy, but the biggest losers for the girls are Loralie and Wendy, tied at 19 pounds total.

Steve reminds them that the vote-off looms. Anthony talks big, saying he has no problem voting off anyone because of his/her attitude. Sam names names -- Wendy, Anthony, Will -- as the three major contenders for the ouster. Jami Lyn hopes people will stop being morons (she uses the word "petty") and refrain from voting anyone off and causing them all to lose money. To complicate matters, Steve clarifies for the marchers that even one vote can eliminate a player and deduct their ten grand. As they all issue their votes, we see B roll of the three at-risk marchers defending themselves on the grounds that they've lost weight (Chantal and Will) and that anyone who might vote for them is weak-minded (Anthony about Will, natch).

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Fat March




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