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Matt all the while looks completely unfazed by the challenge. Of course, his chest is built like a freight train, so go figure. Sam and Mike eventually drop their buckets, making Jami Lyn and Matt the winners. Jami Lyn reveals that she chose Matt because of his upper-body strength as a professional wrestler. She's pleased her plan worked.

The losers return to camp, where Will is sitting. Anthony interviews with a schadenfreude-y smirk that he doesn't care whether Will's back or not. What Anthony the evil mathematician fails to realize is that, if everyone he wants voted off in a moment of annoyance actually does get voted off, he'll owe ABC about ten grand, so maybe he should stop counting his presumed winnings and start getting along with some people. Michael is more reasonably annoyed because he thinks Will isn't facing any consequences for not listening to the trainers' dieting advice.

As the day ends, they've completed a challenge (not to mention having walked nearly 140 miles), and the stress-drama is at a peak. Steve calls Wendy out for not being fully engaged in the challenge, and the others accuse her of not being a team player. Wendy basically tells them to take a hike and walks off. Even Chantal's annoyed at Wendy's attitude -- Chantal of the passive-aggressive ribbing and the "I don't need to be appropriate, I'm a comedian!" attitude. Meanwhile, Matt and Jami Lyn luxuriate in the hot tub with strawberries and sparkling cider.

At the end of 15 days, Lorrie reminds us that one of the hardest parts of returning to normal life is the temptation. Cue the fattest fiddle in the world as the marchers talk about all the foods they miss -- pizza, meatball sandwiches, bacon, et cetera. Chantal bitches really forcefully about everything they eat on the march as Lorrie describes the options -- salmon, egg whites, salads, and so forth. Chantal says she would rather eat cat food. Frankly, I think the food looks delicious.

In somewhat of a hidden challenge, the marchers walk up to their catering table and discover that today they actually have a choice between their typical menu of healthy, filling foods, or the unhealthy foods they miss. Some of them (guess who) rationalize that they don't like the healthy food and are being good by taking only a little of the fatty foods. Others realize this is a trap and choose the good-for-you options. While Anthony snipes, "No wonder [Chantal] only lost four pounds," since she doesn't listen to the trainers, Michael is irritated that Will chose the unhealthy food after being in the hospital.

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Fat March




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