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The next day, at the hospital, Will explains that he doesn't have any serious health problems and can continue walking. As Will walks out of the hospital, Steve I-told-you-sos that Will passed out because he didn't follow instructions. Anthony claims Will "lacks the emotional maturity" and will find another way out of the march eventually. Need I remind you that Anthony's a 26-year-old virgin? Who was hospitalized on the second day? And he's lecturing others on emotional maturity and staying power?

Challenge Day is upon the marchers. The challenge involves "the celebration of water!" Will all the challenges involve water? Water torture, anyone? Steve prefaces that, since the marchers have now learned proper nutrition, they are going to start learning strength training and fat burning exercises also. Will won't do either, though, because he's been advised to rest for another day.

In the challenge, the ladies will be tested on speed and agility -- they'll fill buckets of water and carry them up a set of stairs to the men, who have to hold the increasingly heavy 16-gallon tanks as a test of their strength and endurance. The first team to reach 16 gallons wins. If no one can do that, the last team standing without dropping the container wins. The prize? A relaxing evening in a hot tub and a gourmet dinner served by Steve and Lorrie. Matt, having no doubt spent some time in an athletic Jacuzzi in his life, says that the whirlpool will "do wonders" for his knees. I, having also spent a little time in a hot tub during my life, say, "Big whoop."

The teams pair up. Jami Lyn gets first pick, and taps Matt. Shea chooses Mike. Chantal's with Sam (lucky him!). Wendy chooses Anthony, and Loralie is DQ'd de facto because of Will's absence. Wendy becomes my new favorite person during the challenge when she la-dee-das around because doesn't really give a crap. Steve huffs that her behavior distracted him from cheering for the others. Oh, get over it. He barks at her to show him more effort, and she's all, "Hell no!" Love it! Anthony admits with a laugh that he and Wendy had conspired to quit whenever one of them got tired, and they eventually make a big show of knocking their buckets into one another and dropping them dramatically. It's a good thing Anthony and Chantal didn't team up. His laissez faire attitude paired with her overzealous "competitive" streak would have been disastrous. Actually…come to think of it, it's too bad they weren't partners.

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