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At the fat-tervention, Chantal gets the ball rolling. She says she thinks people have "misperceptions" about who she is, insisting, "I'm not a bitch." Everyone stares off into the woods. Not content with creating a situation rife with awkwardness, Chantal then proceeds to go down the line and ask each person what his/her grievances with her are. Chantal calls Anthony out for maybe having a problem with her, and he flat-out denies it. Loralie interviews that "nobody wants to look like the bad guy," but Anthony's actually just being a coward. Walk the walk, boy.

Chantal finally gets a response from Michael, who diplomatically admits that some of her comments have been inappropriate. Instead of apologizing, Chantal pulls the comic card and replies that she says things that are inappropriate because "that's just who I am." Michael is reasonably irked in a subsequent interview, essentially saying that he wants her to shut up and walk away so he doesn't have to deal with her. Anthony calls Chantal out for just trying to make herself look better in everyone's eyes by staging this bunk conflict resolution scenario. He suspects she's still in danger of being voted off. Granted, this is in Anthony's gossip-queen eyes, where it's worth ten grand not to have to listen to someone stupid's insecure comments. Though, to be fair, I haven't just walked 90 miles with Chantal.

Now that the Chantal drama has ridden itself down to the rims into Manchester, CT, today's 10-mile walk is prefaced by a lecture from Steve about nutrition. He insists that three small meals and two healthy snacks totaling 2,000 calories is all they need for the day. Cut to a shot of Will, the competitive eater, huffing and puffing. He's used to downing 2,000 calories in a sitting. It's his job, people. Will admits that he's ignored Steve's advice, and Steve and Lorrie walk with him and shame him for eating his food too quickly. They talk about him like he's not even there, like two upper-middle-class parents who are tsk-tsking their child for behaving inappropriately at the country club. Matt, who has real problems, takes time out from his own pain to admit that he's concerned about Will, who has now become the fattest fat marcher.

As they finish Day 11, Will must lean on Shea and Lorrie to climb up the top of a hill. He makes it, though. He, along with the rest of the team, has walked 96.8 miles, landing in Hartford, CT. Will interviews that it's been his hardest day, and back at camp, there is a sudden ruckus as Will starts to fade from consciousness. An ambulance rushes in and whisks him off to a nearby hospital. At this point, Lorrie says she's seriously worried that anybody will finish the march.

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Fat March




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