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Previously on Fat March: R.I.P. K.I.M. Adios, Reverend Lovejoy. Your time with us was short, and you will be forgotten by the end of this episode, if not sooner.

The marchers begin Stage Two in Willimantic, CT. They will embark on a "hardcore" 11.5-mile walk today. We're treated to a close-up of Anthony's gargantuan foot blister. For real, you could probably set up timeshares on that thing. Everyone's feeling the pain, but Lorrie tells them they need to pick up the pace and pay attention to her and Steve's diet and exercise tips. And the eleventh fat marcher, Foreshadowing, lumbers through the mise-en-scène.

According to Steve, "This walk is taking its toll on everybody. Even people as tough as Sam and Matt are starting to struggle." Sam agrees that "struggle" is the operative word on the Fat March. As for Matt, his biggest setback is that his knee is busted, which could compromise his chances of getting to D.C. He has considered quitting but is afraid to set a bad example for his kids. He decides to swallow his emotions (because Lorrie and Steve are not feeding them much else, that's for sure).

By the end of Day 9, they're in Bolton, CT, and have completed 76.5 miles. But a new day with a new stretch of unforgiving hiking awaits, and they set out the next morning for what Lorrie calls an "extremely challenging" 10.3-mile trek. She acknowledges that continuing at this pace is going to put "serious pressure" on the injured marchers, but they must continue. Because if they don't, where else will we get our Monday evening dose of bitching and conniving on network TV? Hell's Kitchen ended tonight, after all.

Matt's knee troubles continue, but he says most people don't realize it because he's keeping up with the group. As a means of artful contrast, the editors cut to Chantal, who has become the team showboat. Lorrie describes Chantal as "her own breed," saying, "She thinks she's got something that the rest of the team doesn't." We see footage of Chantal flouncing about and running ahead while everyone else walks like normal people, and Lorrie questions what Chantal is getting out of the experience.

And then we launch, guns blazing into tonight's major theme: Team Player -- To Be? Or Not To Be? Loralie says Chantal isn't a team player because she doesn't walk with everyone else. Matt, continuing to show maturity and strategic thinking, shrugs it off because he doesn't think Chantal will make it through the next 500 miles if she keeps jogging around like a kid on Pixy Sticks. He actually encourages her to run ahead at one point. It's kind of awesome. On the other hand, we have Anthony, who is beginning to reveal himself as the requisite reality show bitch. He hrmphs that he's annoyed that she has to be ahead all the time.

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