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Ray Ray

Van, wearing a wifebeater (which is the closest we get to Shirtless Facinelli), walks into an outdoor prison visitors' area. He passes several family reunions and then pauses next to Robert Forster, who is wearing very cool sunglasses. Robert Forster totally should have played George Clooney's dad on ER. Anyway, Van says, "Hi." Pause. Pause. Pause. Pause some more. "Dad." Silence. Van says awkwardly that something bad happened a few days ago. Robert Forster says that he hasn't seen Van in seven years, so he didn't think Van was bringing cookies. Van sits down as the scene changes to...

...Billie. Candy Store. Three days ago. She asks Van and Deaq how close he and his dad are and then looks at some photos of their current mark. Van and Deaq explain that they are on the guy's payroll, and that they'll have him in three or four years. Billie explains that their mark is "the key to the Colombian pipeline." Deaq thinks that they have some information they can use, and then lets Van explain. Van says that "Little Mick" (their mark) is running his father's drug empire, and that his father owed $5 million to the Colombian coke dealers. Little Mick thinks that the debt should have died with his father, but the Colombians disagree. Van says that Little Mick plans to pay in counterfeit, and he whips out a stack of bills and plops them on Billie's desk.

Little Mick examines a counterfeit bill and tells some dude named Wags that there's something weird about the money. Van pipes up from the corner and says that the money is "crap." Little Mick (who looks a little like an older, blonder Brian Austin Green) asks why the bill he already paid for is crap. Van explains that the colors are wrong on one part of the bill, and that there are other mistakes. Little Mick says they should pay the counterfeiter a visit; Van is coming along.

Fade back to the prison. Van hems and haws, and his dad asks if it's about Van's mother. I would love to meet Van's mother. Van pauses again and then says that he was working on a case with Teddy McNair. Van's dad wonders if Van busted Teddy. Van says that's not it. What is this, fifty questions? Just tell him already.

Flashback. Van, Deaq, Little Mick, and a couple of goons arrive at a warehouse. Little Mick is wearing the shiniest, most godawful, ill-advised maroon pants ever. Little Mick orders Van and Deaq to stay by the car while he and his goons go inside; they'll call each other if there's a problem. Little Mick and his goons head in. Deaq and Van immediately start arguing about their role in the organization. Deaq thinks that since Van knows so much about counterfeiting, they should be higher up. Van doesn't want to answer questions about why he knows so much, and they move to secure any exits from the warehouse. Deaq points out that Van isn't usually one to stop talking, which is a nice bit of continuity from the previous episode. They round a corner and Van stops dead. After a moment, he runs up to a Woody with a surfboard and says that he knows the counterfeiter, Teddy McNair. Meanwhile, a gun goes off inside.

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