Mighty Blue

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Mighty Blue

As "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones plays, Van and Deaq pull into a rest area in a shiny red car. What an odd song choice for this scene. I mean, it's a great song, but I don't understand why it's underscoring this particular scene. An SUV also pulls into the rest area, and a man and a woman get out. Van and Deaq approach the couple, and when they pass, Deaq and the man surreptitiously exchange keys. Well, surreptitiously to anyone there -- the audience gets to see it because the editors freeze-frame it on a close-up of their hands and superimpose the words "The Exchange" on the screen. The camera zooms over to the trunk of the shiny red car and goes inside, where we find piles and piles of money. In case you weren't sure what those green and white pieces of paper are all about, the editors superimpose the words "The Cash" on the screen. We zoom over to the back of the SUV, which contains many white packages, which any viewer of television ever knows are bags containing some sort of drugs. But just in case, the editors superimpose the words "The Dope" on there.

As the respective parties make their ways to their new vehicles, the camera zooms over to a bunch of people sitting at a picnic table nearby, one of whom is Billie. She contemplates the can of NotBudweiser she's holding and then yells out "LAPD!" The picnickers, who we now know to be undercover cops, spring into action. The drug seller tells his companion, "They fixed us!" and pulls out a gun, aiming it at Deaq. Van yells out a warning. The female drug seller makes a flying leap and tackles Male Drug Seller, disarming him during the fall. She straddles his chest and says, "I fixed you." Male Drug Seller groggily asks, "Alexa?" Meanwhile, Billie and her crew "arrest" Deaq and Van. Deaq can't believe that Alexa broke cover, but Billie tells him to shut up and continues frisking him. Billie disarms Deaq and tells him and Van that they are under arrest. Male Drug Seller watches this whole display. Deaq yells at Billie to take it easy with the handcuffs, and she turns him around and tells him that he needs some discipline, then socks him right in the jaw. She leans over and whispers something in Deaq's ear that we don't get to hear, and then the other cops take Deaq and Van to the jail transport van with Male Drug Seller. Before the doors are closed, Male Drug Seller threatens, "When you least expect it, Alexa. When you least expect it." She replies, "See you at the crossroads, Jackson." What does that even mean? The van takes off and Billie and Alexa hit fits. Alexa asks if Billie really had to hit Deaq like that.

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