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Rise and shine at the Parker Meridien, home of guest accommodations for the erstwhile daily salve The Rosie O'Donnell Show. Markus says to himself while dressing, "Another day, another designer down." Lidia asks James-Paul how he is doing and he says that he's tired, but he's also beat up from being team captain of the previous challenge. Reco chimes in that he wants to be team captain. No, that's not true -- he'd prefer to just be taken off of his team. He interviews that three of his teammates don't know how to execute. Frankly, that's what's fascinating about Reco. He's an expert seamstress, yet has the taste of Lisa Rinna.

At the workroom, the designers are greeted by Kelly and Isaac, who must have gotten orders from his doctor to stop eating auras, because his arms are wrapped tightly around his own waist in what I guess is an attempt to control his manic, grasping, fluttering welcoming gestures. He tells them that there's no rest for the weary, nor the chic. Spas? Kelly tells them to get into their teams again, and Reco silently rolls his eyes in disgust in an interview. It's time for the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge, with Laura Brown judging once more. Isaac says that a designer must know the basics of sewing, and the camera immediately rests on Johnny, who tries to act like he's just listening and unaware that his face will be the one we see when Isaac says the sewing shit. Three identical ensembles on mannequins are presented to the teams. They each have four problem areas that need to be repaired. First, there's the shoulder pad and lining. Then, all of the buttons on the front of the jacket need to be reattached. Third, the zipper of the skirt needs to be repaired. Finally, the "most common" of repairs (per Isaac), fixing the hem, must be performed. Kelly tells the teams that the challenge will be in relay form and they will have 35 minutes to complete everything. Markus interviews that this is a ridiculously short amount of time to complete those tasks. Kelly continues and says that the team with the best quality work wins. Also, the designer who does the best job on their team will win immunity in the elimination challenge. I guess that's one designer per team and not just one from the winning team? They have a moment to decide who does what.

We start with the shoulder pad. Daniella, Reco and Lidia perform this task. Lidia complains about her fingers being too small, and Daniella makes a joke that she's so little that she climbs inside the garment to fix it. James-Paul, Anna and Markus are the button sewers. Isaac comments that Anna's team is behind, and she kinda snaps that she's "working on it." Reco has serious problems with the way that Markus sewed the buttons. Amateur. Haven, Merlin and Andrew are our zipper folks. Isaac says to Laura and Kelly that it is not difficult to put a zipper into a garment, but it's very difficult to repair one. I'll trust you on that one. Markus tells Haven that her hair looks perfect in an attempt to encourage her. I think it works. Keith, Johnny and Angel are working on the hem. It's down to the wire. It looks like people didn't get to finish the hems totally when time is called.

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