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Golnessa may be getting the boot. She can't seem to work things out. Cindy tells her that she doesn't like the shape of her look. Rolando as well is still having problems. Day. Is. Over.

The next day, they're rolling their sad racks down the road to get ready for the show. Stefan has his claws out. Calvin wants simple clothes and crazy hair. Rolando is worried. Anja Rubik is the guest judge. Don't know her. Dominique's look is first. Very Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis. David made a jumpsuit. The lapels are nice. Eduardo's dress is fantastic. Rolando's look is pretty fantastic, if you ask me. Calvin's look is freaking brilliant, thought I still hate him. The skirt is AMAZING. The Bravo break is David trying to open a bottle of wine. No luck.

Cesar has decided that his new look will be the last one shown. Golnessa's zipper is breaking! Oh NO. It doesn't feel like she should be going home yet. Stefan orders the designers to stop touching their models. Cesar's first look is BRILLS. The hood is perfect. Jeffrey's look is flowing and interesting. Cindy's is kind of matronly, next to the other stuff. Golnessa's looks good to me. Cesar's final looks is very interesting, but way too weird for the rest of the collection.

Isaac and Iman meet the designers. Anja is a model, apparently. Emerald wins!!!!! Unbelievable. Jeffrey's design is the winner!! He'll get an extra $500 bucks if he makes it to the finale.

The losers come in for judging. Anja thinks all of the fabrics are too similar. Eduardo says he tried to emulate a disco ball. Anja loves it. Isaac loves that he went mad while immune. They also love Calvin's look. Laura thinks the skirt is the best thing that he has done. They seem to like Dominique's look as well. Anja thinks Rolando's look is boring. Laura finds it shapeless. He tells them that he started over, but Iman still hates it. David's look gets grief, but Isaac defends him by recalling his sketch, which his look doesn't resemble, apparently. I love it. Fuck them. Iman asks him why he should stay and he says, modestly, that it's his profession. He doesn't say anything and Dominique starts to cry and tell him to stand up for himself. He says that he loved his grandmother and that's who he saw walking down the runway and he's proud of that. Seriously? Is this some sort of porn created for exactly me?

The designers come onstage after deliberation. Isaac is wearing a green pocket square. Bravo. Eduardo is staying, of course. Dominique is told that her look should be sexier, which is bullshiz. David is told to not move. Rolando can't move either. She says Calvin should reign himself in, but he should step aside. Rolando is out of fashion, THANK GOD. David is safe. Ro feels that his experience has made him stronger. And, Dominique is furious with David for seemingly giving up on the runway.

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