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At the fashion store, they're all looking for their plaids. Golnessa feels that the selection isn't great. Cesar would like to not have to babysit everyone. Dominique hates all of the plaids that she's seeing. Back at the workspace, Eduardo tells us that he's making a one-shouldered garment inspired by 1976. And, he reminds us that he has immunity. Dominique is trying to recreate the flannel. She's going to make her own plaid, which makes Calvin say "hallelujah." Golnessa is making a coat inspired by 1961, like Jackie O. Cesar teaches her how to bone her garment. Cindy is sad to watch her struggle. Cesar really wants their house to win. Calvin models his skirt in high heels. Eduardo is beginning to like him. Jeffrey wears a blonde wig and acts a fool.

The next day, they're back at it. David is as cute as ever. He's making a jumpsuit, like is grandma used to wear. Calvin tells us that he wore lots of plaid growing up. Rolando is having issues with his seams. Jeffrey can't decide to make his garment with or without the sleeves. Since he feels that Michelle Obama should wear it and it would be a sin to cover her arms, he's probably going without them. Dominique takes off her shorts to try on David's dress for him and he totally peeks at her nakedness. Rolando says that David flirts with him too, which you know, just isn't true. David says that he has stronger bonds with women than men. I love him. The House of Emerald looks like the Mandrell Sisters. Cesar thinks that he needs to create another look for their collection.

Rolando doesn't feel that the seams match on his look. Dominique likes every look but Rolando's. Calvin tells him that his dress is horrendous. He's afraid to try to fix his dress, but decides to make a new skirt. Cesar says that Ro is his baby and he knows he'll pull through. Cesar decides to hand paint a plaid for a new look. David decided not to use shoulder pads, so, with Dominique as his model, he uses the shoulder pads as lapels. It really doesn't look great right now and increases the football shoulder pad quality of the accent, but David is so cute I can't stand it. With help from my dear friend India, we've decided that he's a cross between Jonathan Schaech and Nicky Katt. Which is, of course, a big honking YES. David hops off of the work table grab something, then hops back up -- NO HANDS -- and it's beautiful and arousing. David loves that Dominique is cute and giggly. Cesar thinks that they're losing their focus. Eff that noise.

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