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The kids wake up and, as Jeffrey eats his cereal, he laments that Emerald bit it again in the previous challenge. Golnessa is worried that she sucked so badly and feels very much that, in the grand tradition of reality show semantics, she needs to step up her game. 3-D. Rolando, who my friends think resembles the kid from The Neverending Story but I think favors Disney teen sensation Selena Gomez, says that House of Nami is feeling very confident after winning three challenges.

They get a note from Iman who DEMANDS that they all meet her at the Museum of Natural History. She also says that timing is of the essence, which I'm sure will play a larger role in just a minute. Calvin says something about maybe seeing dinosaurs or... I don't know what he just said. They walk up to this fortune cookie/vagina sculpture and there are all of these locked boxes under plexiglass. Iman is birthed and welcomes the peeps to the museum. She's so severe. The vagina is apparently a time capsule that won't be opened for a thousand years. I can't imagine that, unless there is a DVD of Hush and Twizzlers inside, the opening of a thousand year old time capsule won't be disappointing. The challenge is to create a fashion forward collection inspired by the contents of the locked boxes.

They all open their boxes. Golnessa gets a box from the '50s. Jeffrey gets one from 1989, when he was five. Cesar gets a box from 2001. He was in New York then and remembers 9/11, when, per him, we lost our freedom. That's a really good way to put that. Calvin has a box from 1957, which reminds him of Audrey Hepburn movies. Audrey Hepburn would hate Calvin. Dominque, who appears to have a grunge era box, interviews that all of their boxes are of such different eras that it will be difficult to create a cohesive collection. Iman comes out and says that everyone has to use plaid in their collections. Rolando is beside himself because he hates plaid. He says that people hate plaid right now, which he imagines is less that it will be hated in the future of fashion. Jeffrey, aka Morris Chestnut, says that he's used to plaid from his Catholic school days.

Back at the workspace, Emerald gets to work. Cesar feels a lot of pressure to pull the group together. Cindy says that they are all going to try to work with volume. Nami is using metallic and silver as their cohesive thread. Here's Isaac! He asks for the House of Nami's mood boards. Then. THEN, he reminds us that they are supposed to be inspired by their time capseeyules. Has he been hanging out with Madonna? Seriously, FUCK THAT TALK, Isaac. He likes their palette. David's year is 1982 and he is using Michael Jackson as inspiration. Rolando is using big shoulders, which Isaac finds more '80s. Emerald comes in and Isaac tells them to eliminate one of the colors from their palette, because there are too many choices. Cesar's has a protective hood, which Isaac likes. He feels like their collection isn't cohesive right now, which worries Jeffrey.

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