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It's morning at their apartment, which, from the outside, makes the Atlas Building look like the YMCA. Tamara says that, as soon as they got back to the apartment, everyone was talking about how Francine should have gone home. She kind of chuckles and I think that's because of how they all mostly got reamed on the runway, so it's funny to see them quickly change the subject to how unworthy Francine's stuff was. That said, glad to see her gone.

Mike, who I don't believe has yet to remove that hat, tells us that he has always been interested in design. If you give him cardboard and duct tape, he can make something, like a sign that explains to passers-by that, given food, he will work.

The designers find a note from Iman. They have to meet her downtown. Everyone's excited. They end up a the South Street Seaport. At the Bodies exhibit! The designers seem a little freaked out and I can understand why. There's actual exposed insides all around.

Iman's there and she's wearing fur, which I find somehow ironic and perfect. She tells everyone that they're going to look within for inspiration. Their challenge is to complete a collection inspired by the inner workings of the human body. Mike tells us that this is exciting to him because he is inspired by the human body. That's fantastic.

They will have some time to look around, then 45 minutes to plan a collection for Isaac to love or hate. "Design something that will make my heart skip a beat," says Iman. She's a regular Will Rogers. They start looking around and most of the House of Nami is grossed out. Understandably so, This is an INTENSE exhibit. Cesar is particularly skeeved. David says that he is really inspired by female genitalia. He kind of elaborates about folds and stuff, then just stops and kind of genuflects with his eyes. On just about anyone else in the world, this would have seemed creepy, but this dude just sounded so sincere and romantic. He made hoo-ha romantic.

Calvin tries to relay an idea he is having for the story that House of Emerald Syx can show on the runway. He is talking about "big-ass silk chiffon." It goes without saying that his story-telling style is very dramatic. Jeffrey found it gimmicky.

Back at the workroom. Mike tells us that he thinks Cesar is very good, but he thinks he is just as good.

Calvin can't translate his vision into English words. People try to ask questions so that he can clarify and he just screams at them. If you don't want to lose, listen to him. That's his version of clearing things up for people. Because of the horrible communication style of these folks (and who can really blame most of them for not being able to have an effective conversation with Calvin?) they have nothing to show Isaac when he arrives.

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