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Hi, Le Parker Meridien in the morning. Hi, Reco trimming his tiny mustache with a tiny pair of clippers. He interviews that Lidia should have gone home instead of cute Andrew, though I'm only guessing that he, too, found Andrew to be the official Show Cutie. He says that Lidia's craftsmanship was the "absolute foo." Watch it there, Reco. You're about to become my favorite. Then, he says that Andrew was the only cute thing to look at on the runway. Does that make me and Reco soulmates? I said the same exact thing last week! It's pretty damn true, though, so it's not like it has to be telepathic.

At the workroom, Kelly and Isaac greet the designers. It's time for the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge and another appearance from the increasingly useless Laura Brown. Isaac says that being a designer is like being a... secret agent (he pauses, like he just thought of that right now. He's been attending Method Hosting classes), because you have to pay a lot of attention to detail. Next to him is a dress that he showed at Fall Fashion Week 2009. He loves it. There's a lot of pleating on the dress and James-Paul interviews that the challenge is going to be easy, because he has been studying pleating. Not just pleating, but ancient pleating used by the Greeks. The ancient Greeks. But, the challenge is sketching the dress from memory. James-Paul is like "Dammit!" when he finds out.

Lidia says that she is obsessed with details. Angel says that she tries burning the image of the dress into her memory. Kelly rolls the mannequin with Isaac's dress on it away and he repeats that the challenge is to sketch Kelly's dress from memory. Ooh! And, she's already gone! "Tricky, tricky, tricky," says Merlin. Reco has no clue what she was wearing. The most accurate sketch will win and the winner will have a "serious advantage" in the elimination challenge.

Haven, who seems to be getting more and more boring for me, says that she has an eye for details, and she loves Kelly's dress. She thinks she can do this. Merlin remembers that her dress had ruffles on it, but he can't remember if they are high on the dress or low. Lidia can use her visual memory to capture the silhouette. Keith only remembers Kelly's hair! Sketch that shit, dude. He liked it -- it was straight. Seriously, it's better than nothing. Johnny didn't really get a good look at her dress, but he remembered her belt.

Isaac calls time, and the designers stand in a line with their sketches. Daniella whines that she didn't get a good look at Kelly's dress because James-Paul's head was in her way the whole time. You see footage of her trying to look around him, but the guy is seriously a good foot shorter than her, so I'm like, "Move to the right, moron. Or stand on your tippy-toes." Isaac immediately points out that Keith's sketch is in green. He interviews that he was the only one who didn't have a purple sketch and he stuck out. Of course, Reco is almost personally offended in his interview and wonders if Keith is color-blind.

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