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Now for the losers. Kelly tells James-Paul and Lidia that an audience member said their dress looked like a "cheap mermaid costume." James-Paul explains his design like a scientist, but Veronica points out that the plaid on the lining looks like a Burberry knockoff. Isaac says that he thought the same thing. Fern says that the sequins on Lidia's dress would be better as a scarf. She takes total responsibility for the dress, though everyone there knows she worked on it, so she couldn't really get away with lying. Veronica doesn't think it would be flattering on any body type.

On to Daniella and Reco. Kelly tells them that someone called the slacks "granny PJ pants." Heh. Daniella looks so confused. Seventy-five percent of the audience said they wouldn't buy the look. Isaac thinks they chose dull colors. He explains that his tactic is to show something that hasn't been seen before -- something that seems like it shouldn't work but makes your head explode. Veronica thinks the styling is really old-fashioned. They ask the model to take the jacket off and everyone LOVES the top. Reco's top! Daniella says that Reco would give up if he didn't get his way rather than help her develop her idea. Reco fights back and says that he was getting kicked down. Kelly just stops them, which was stupid. This was the best thing to happen on this show all week. Thanks, Kelly.

The judges deliberate. To start, Isaac says that he thinks all of the designers up for elimination are very good. Back in the hot seat, Daniella tries to -- I don't know what she's trying. She tells Reco that their wires got crossed when she wanted one thing and he wanted another thing. Reco reminds her that they were supposed to be working for Isaac. She continues that they should have tried getting excited for each other. Well, that would require you not being the smartest fucking person in the world wouldn't it? The judges hated James-Paul and Lidia's look. Fern thinks the lack of collaboration was pathetic, but Isaac says the dress was the ugliest part of the look. Everyone agrees. Isaac thinks that James-Paul is a genius of some sort, but needs to connect to customers. Fern agrees that his description of his fish coat was lovely, but the coat itself had nothing to do with the dress. Isaac found the pants of Reco and Daniella's look to be the most unforgivable thing onstage that evening. They could make a skinny person look fat. They have their answer.

Kelly tells the designers that one of them is going home tonight. Isaac tells James-Paul that he is safe. Daniella... has to stay onstage! Reco is safe. Ouch. Isaac tells Lidia that, as a woman and a designer, she should have some sort of idea about fit. He tells Daniella that she made some damn boring pants. Daniella... is still in the competition. They're not buying Lidia. She's a really good sport. She says she's embarrassed and cries in her interview. She says that she is a survivor and she has a talent to prove.

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