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People are filing into the audience. There is designer Yeohlee Teng. John Bartlett! His clothes are so gay, but he is one sexy slab of man. I mean that though, his clothes are way too gay. They're like International Male mixed with Brideshead Revisited. There's Lisa Weiss, owner of "Debut New York." Don't know that. Sue Stemp of "Sue Stemp." There is Fern! And guest judge, Veronica Webb! I love her!! Oh God, Veronica, I'm thinking about Oasis and all things '90s right now.

The show begins. Reco and Daniella's look is first. It's nice. A pant with a funky fabric and a coat shaped like a wrap and a pleated top underneath. Daniella is fine with the coat and the pants -- she's only worried about Reco's top. The top is a little too much. Isaac seems to like the shape. Next is James-Paul and Lidia's dress. No. I like the coat, but the dress is a mess. Fern looks confused. It looks like the sequin, fishy overlay was just ironed on or something. Haven and Anna present culottes, a colorful top, and a black drapey coat. Fern likes the pop from the color of the top. Here's Merlin and Johnny's outfit. The coat, felt or not, is amazing. Big stiff collar and giant toggle buttons. She takes it off and reveals a plaid skirt with a bright yellow belt, which Veronica calls "neon Obi belt." Johnny is proud. Backstage, he says to Merlin, "Delicious."

After the show, Alma G, owner of "Alma Salon NYC" says that she liked Anna and Haven's outfit the best. She didn't like James-Paul and Lidia's dress. She says that you have to be very tall and assless to pull that off. Yeohlee Teng liked Johnny and Merlin's outfit the most. She found it "very Mizrahi." Handbag designer Matt Murphy found Reco and Daniella's look to be the most successful.

It's judging time. Isaac introduces Kelly, Fern, and Veronica Webb. Isaac congratulates them -- he thinks they did a great job. Kelly brings out the winners of the audience vote. They are Merlin and Johnny's and Haven and Anna's! Kelly tells Haven and Anna that the audience found their design sophisticated and one person said they would buy the jacket. Thanks, Anna's Mom! Veronica LAYS DOWN THE GOODS. Shit, she says that the girls showed three Isaac signatures in their work -- the paper bag waist, tartan or kente, and rainbow. Also, the funnel collar of the jacket. She says that she has never seen his signatures displayed quite like this. I'm dizzy. That was amazing. I love her.

Kelly tells Johnny and Merlin that the audience loved the overall look of their design and loved the mix of materials. Merlin says that Johnny was the head designer and Veronica compliments Merlin on the patterns. Isaac says that he wanted to kill Johnny for using felt, but the shape of the jacket really works with the material. Fern loves the pop of the yellow belt. She thinks that, with the withering economy, something with that kind of color will be the thing to make someone purchase. Veronica says that she is really impressed and would be proud to walk their design down the runway. The other judges are amazed. Haven and Anna are the winners!

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