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Their models come in for fittings. Johnny says that he and Merlin are working really well together. Merlin refers to himself in third-person and says that Merlin will do whatever it takes for Merlin to win. Merlin agrees. Lidia is drowning in her fish outfit. James-Paul is worried that she won't finish her outfit.

Lidia is complaining aloud and Daniella says that everyone has decided that she sounds like a pigeon. She does. She's a nice girl though. Everyone hates her now.

The next morning, everyone is getting ready. They're all uncomfortable, per Haven. At the workroom, Haven cuts herself and casually asks for a band-aid. Reco doesn't think that Daniella knows teamwork. She says that, she may be making a mistake, but Reco's risks have turned out tacky and she would rather be safe than tacky. She's so hateful. Please tell me you hate her, people. I hate her.

Kelly and Isaac come in to do nothing. They talk to Haven and Anna first and Isaac immediately recognizes the shorts as Haven's. She explains that they are called culottes this time. He's stunned. Haven says that she was inspired by the colors and textures from the mood board, while Anna says that the drapey feeling of the board intrigued her. Isaac tells them that the sweet spot is when a designer is designing something that works for the house but also brings something fresh.

Reco is totally BIG when Isaac talks to him. He and Kelly remark that he is usually done by this point, but he just says that they wanted to add a lot of detail. Isaac asks if he has had to compromise a lot and he says that teamwork means compromise. He interviews that he didn't really feel that way, but good for him for not creating drama.

They talk to Johnny and Merlin and ask who sewed the most. Uh, Merlin. Johnny says that he learned a lot about sewing from Merlin. They ask what fabric Johnny used for the jacket and he says... felt. THEY GO MAD. Seriously, first direct opinion they have given during these little walk-throughs. They hate the felt. Johnny interviews that there is nothing he can do about it now. Why does he do stupid stuff like that?

James-Paul tells Isaac that he copied the pattern from the fish charms on the mood board and transferred it into the pattern of his jacket. Daniella says that the dress is very Lidia and the jacket is very James-Paul, but is any of it Isaac?

Outside, Isaac tells Kelly that judging them each individually though they are working in teams will be "dramatic." The designers head to the show. The models get prepped. Johnny is worried about their design. James-Paul is REALLY nervous, because he never got to see the jacket with the dress because of the time that Lidia took sewing.

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