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Kelly says that, for the elimination challenge, they will be working for... Isaac Mizrahi, one of the biggest names in the industry. They're at his studio! They will be designing a complete look for his upcoming collection. For their inspiration, Isaac shows them his mood board. Mine is all pictures of spaghetti and cigarettes and Diet Coke. It works! His is all very Isaac. He loves plaid. Kelly says that they will be staying in their pairs for the challenge. Reco hates it. Kelly says they will only have eight hours to finish! "Shut up," replies Johnny. You're hanging by a thread, buddy. Watch it. The fashion show is the next day. Isaac poses and smirks and says that they'd better be good, because his name is on the line. Officially hate him, FYI. He's so fucking coy and disgusting on this show. Wow, that slipped out. Johnny and Merlin, as winners of the Mini Challenge, get a five-minute consultation with Isaac. "Five minutes in heaven with Isaac," says Johnny. No.

While Johnny and Merlin are talking to Isaac, the others look at the mood board. James-Paul likes the fish scales. Daniella likes the mix of plaid and African culture. During their consultation, Merlin asks the age of the woman Isaac designs for. He says to not think of age, but then tells them 35. He's into layering this season and some of his pieces are sheer.

James-Paul and Lidia are going for a fish shape. He's designing the coat, while she is doing the dress. Reco and Daniella are already at odds. He wants to make a big skirt and she wants pants. She interviews that she thinks Reco considers a big skirt "high fashion" while she doesn't. Newsflash, Isaac likes a big fat skirt too. She's a snob. Hate her. Reco is tacky, but he knows some shit. Daniella shows him her pant, but he doesn't seem too into it. Merlin takes issue with Johnny's choice of fabric, but goes with it anyway. Haven and Anna are working really well together.

Back at the workroom, Reco and Daniella are still bickering. She insists on the pants. In all fairness, though Daniella is a huge bitch, it sounds like Reco is having a hard time really explaining why his idea is a winner. He interviews that she's commenting on his upbringing and education, which I'm not sure is true. She's a bitch to everyone. He decides to compromise.

Johnny jokes that though he was joking about the "five minutes in heaven" thing, he would still get with Isaac. Because it would be a great conversation starter. Though it would be like kissing your granny. Ew all around. Haven and Anna seem to be doing really well. Haven thinks that James-Paul and Lidia are in huge trouble. Their outfit looks like a mess.

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