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It's morning at Le Parker Meridien. Johnny reminisces about how ugly it was last week when Reco was dissing people, and then Daniella got all nasty. He reasons that the competitive environment is bringing out the catty side in everyone. Kelly calls Merlin on his cell phone and tells him to have all of the designers meet her at 36th Street and 10th Avenue "as fast as you can." I'm sure she's waiting for them right now. Bravo, who do you think you're kidding?

The designers meet Kelly and Laura Brown at the specified location, which has a picnic table in it. Kelly tells them that, for the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge, the designers will be working in pairs. Daniella is mortified, because she's so great. "Can I say the word 'shit'"? No, you can't. George Carlin. Check it out. The designers have to grab a spool of thread and whoever has the matching color of thread will be their partner. James-Paul and Lidia are partners, Merlin and Johnny (Merlin is worried), Anna and Haven, and Reco and Daniella!!!

Laura calls out four Harper's Bazaar "interns." Seriously? Anyway, four girls walk out. Laura says they hit the town hard last night and didn't have a chance to change. Johnny thinks they look cheap. They need to create work-appropriate outfits for the "interns" using the outfits they are wearing and items from the "lost and found" box. Vogue this is not.

Becki Newton! From Ugly Betty! Laura introduces her and says that she has practically patented the walk of shame. She jokes and says that she never walked the walk of shame, especially not in college. Haven interviews that she maybe walked that walk a couple of times, but who cares? She said that. I care. Becki is the guest judge. The winner will get a special advantage that they will find out about later. Kelly assigns an intern to each designing team. They have a half hour.

They start digging through the "lost and found" boxes. Out of the gate, Reco and Daniella are having problems. He's thinking Grecian draping and she's thinking...well, she's not thinking Grecian draping, though she won't say exactly what she's thinking. Haven and Anna are thinking about using scarves and shit. James-Paul just talks about the sharpness of the black and yellow that his "intern" is wearing. Johnny thinks of some interesting draping that Merlin seems to like.

Time is up. Becki likes what Merlin and Johnny did. She doesn't even remember what the "intern" was wearing before. She says she would wear it. Haven and Anna cut the punk stockings off of their "intern" and covered up the less demure areas, which Laura and Becki appreciated. James-Paul and Lidia removed the yellow from their girl and created a short skirt to cover the super tight pants -- effectively creating leggings for her. Becki thinks they got lucky in the "lost and found" box. Daniella is totally embarrassed. Becki thinks that the draping is great. Reco interviews that he was RIGHT, HA HA! Becki chooses Johnny and Merlin! Johnny is ecstatic, or so he says.

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