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Kelly tells Haven that an audience member said her pants "fit weird by the butt." Heh. Kelly says that the judges thought it was boring. She replies that she was shooting for the '80s era of St. Laurent. She loves how he would make men's suits feminine for women. She says that her vision did not translate and she knows it. She describes the things that she would have done differently. Fern hates the color. Isaac says the top of Reco's dress is more YSL than her look. He says that she had so much to choose from with YSL and went to the fabric store and chose brown wool.

Isaac says that they are very disappointed in both of them and have to talk. When they walk away, Haven turns to Reco and holds him while he sobs on her shoulder. Then, she takes his hand and says, "Come here," and they sit at the edge of the stage. Wow, that's good people. She hasn't really been a jerk or anything, but I'm surprised at how sweet of Haven that was. Backstage, Fern says Reco failed huge. Isaac says that he was more off the mark than Haven, but Fern hated her outfit, too. They point out that Haven gave them her look and actually is familiar with her inspiration. Peter says that Reco's biggest sin was ignorance. Kelly says that this has been the hardest decision.

The judges return. Isaac tells Reco that the only thing that resembled Halston in his look was the red, and he didn't even know that. Haven knows YSL and couldn't even translate it. He says that this isn't just about sewing... it's about knowing. This should be a PSA on Logo. They're not buying Haven. She's totally a good sport and hugs a crying Reco. "It's been a true pleasure," she says, like the best sport in the world. She hugs everyone and Isaac wishes her luck before she leaves. Kelly tells Reco that he's hanging by a thread, and, I swear to God, she almost starts crying. Reco thanks them and says that he will do a better job next week.

Haven goes backstage and zips up her outfit. She says that she would have loved to have gone all the way to the end of the competition. However, meeting Isaac and getting his advice has been hugely important to her. She plans on employing those lessons in her daily life and designs.

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