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On to Anna -- Kelly tells her that 84% of the audience thought her garment was well-made. None of them like the jacket, though. They say it's not Chanel. Maybe the purple color isn't, but that shit is Chanel. They're so nasty about it, too. Isaac asks her to remove the jacket, because they really like the dress. Fern asks her how the dress was Chanel, and she says that the drop waist and black and white print were the Chanel elements. Fern also asks her if she played to people's strengths or weaknesses when she chose inspirations for designers. She answers that she definitely was interested to see what a few people would do with designers they didn't know. Reco mumbles that he's glad she finally admitted it. Seriously though, why the hell would they even offer it as a reward? It's to fuck with people. Get over it.

Kelly tells Daniella that an audience member said her design was a great interpretation of Dior. Peter asks her about the choice of pants for the look. She says all of the skirt she sketched didn't feel young enough. Peter agrees that the look is very modern. He thinks the slim pant is very rock and roll. Fern tells her that she would have liked to have seen more color in the design, but Daniella says that it's rare for her to use any bright colors at all. Isaac says that EVERYONE has to open themselves to color, because it's lazy to reject them reflexively. I guess that's true, but Isaac uses COLOR. Not everyone is going to do that.

OK, this is shitty. Kelly says that, though the audience voted on three designs, the judges are only choosing between two-- Daniella and Johnny. So, it sounds like Anna was first or second in audience votes and they didn't like the outcome so took the 3rd place vote-getter as well. Hmm. That sucks. And, Johnny is the winner. He's thrilled and interviews that he wants to make the top 4.

The winners sit down. Isaac says that two designs really sucked. So, Haven's and Reco's models walk out. Haven giggles with shame. Kelly tells Reco that 90% of the audience said they would not buy his dress. He says that he was trying to create "sensualness" with the corset. Peter says that it actually looks a renaissance fair (wow, unanimous interpretation there). Isaac starts laughing, and Peter adds that the big sleeves maker her look more village wench than Studio 54. Isaac asks how Reco could possibly make it through life without knowing Halston. He replies that he just never took the time to sit down and study him. Kelly asks him, if he had the chance, what he would do to save his dress. He starts to cry and says he has no idea, he'd change the color? No, Fern says that's the only thing he got right. Isaac tells Reco that, when he looks back, he'll be surprised at how much Halston is actually in his own work. Kelly then asks him how much he wants to be there, though the tears streaming down his face would answer that question for me. He says he has been struggling for seven years and really wants to be there.

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