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The show begins with Haven's suit. It's a short-sleeved suit with a cowl neck. There's a purple shirt beneath. The slacks aren't great, but this is not a completely unsuccessful design. Daniella's design is next. It's a classic Dior-shaped jacket and she was clever to belt it and have a little flare beneath it; creating the New Look silhouette without a skirt. The pants are satin and the shine is really modern. Anna's dress is next. It's freaking awesome. The jacket is totally Chanel, so I don't know what Isaac was talking about. It has short sleeves and a short waist, but there's not mistaking it's Chanel-inspired. The dress is a black and white print and flapper-style. The bottom portion of the dress has vertical pleats that give a lovely sense of movement to the dress. Here's Reco's dress. You know, it's not... horrible? It's a floor-length red dress with a corseted waist. It falls off of one shoulder and has bell sleeves. It's nothing I would recommend anyone wear, but I think I see his inspiration. I definitely see Reco. Isaac says that he doesn't like an elastic off-the-shoulder look. Johnny's look is next. It's a pleather bustier overlay on a blouse with sheer sleeves and d├ęcolletage. The skirt is pleated with a pleather border at the bottom. There is a belt-buckle strap on one shoulder. Totally cute. Isaac asks aloud if the outfit is too on-the-money Versace and Kelly says that it isn't. James-Paul's is next, and it is beautiful. It's a Pucci print top and black skirt in his trademark asymmetrical draping. Really cool. Here's Merlin's design. Wow, it's amazing. It's one-shouldered and blue, with a drop waist. Amazing draping all over this shit. Merlin says that he learned how to be uncomplicated from Madame Gres.

Mary Gehlhar says that Reco's Halston dress was NOT Halston. His corset was more Renaissance fair. She admired the boldness of his choice though. Raul Melgoza thought that James-Paul made an interesting choice in softening the bold pattern of the print. Judy Licht thought that Johnny's look really captured the toughness and seductiveness of Versace. Juliana Cairone, the owner of Rare Vintage NY, the place where the vintage inspirations were found, says that Haven's look had the color and jeweled buttons found in YSL. She thought that the pants were a missed opportunity, though.

It's judging time. Isaac introduces the panel, including Peter Som. He has won the Golden Thimble Award. Hmm. Kelly says that the audience favorites were Daniella's and Anna's. And, Johnny's! Kelly says that an audience member said Johnny's look was a great mix of materials and really captured Versace. Someone also said that they could see Kelly Rowland herself rocking Johnny's outfit. Johnny agrees. Fern asks him what key Versace elements he tried to use. Johnny says that leather, hardware, and body consciousness were his guiding principles. Peter says that his look has a sense of refinement. Isaac thinks that the whole look, hair and shoes included, is spot-on. Kelly says that she is so proud of Johnny for taking what they've told him and learning from it. Johnny looks a little like he's thinking, "I have learned shit from you people. You're just liking the flavor now, is all."

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