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Models arrive for a fitting. Daniella asks Haven if her pants look modern. She replies that she doesn't know what to tell her, and she should do what she thinks is best. Reco's model asks him if his inspiration was medieval. That is not a good sign. "Hell to the no," he says in his interview. Haven is worried that her suit won't live up to YSL.

Kelly and Isaac interview to torture them. They seem to be making fun of Johnny's design, and I don't know why. He is using pleather and says that he was trying to be eco-friendly and Isaac scoffs that Gianni Versace was anything BUT eco-friendly. Well, that's nothing to be proud of, Isaac. They move to Reco and tell him that Halston was the most modern designer in the world. Kelly spills some drivel about how much of a woman you feel when you're wearing Halston. There was so little content in her sentence that my freaking DVR, like, rewound. There's extra time in this show now. Isaac points out the corset. Reco interviews that Isaac was probably telling him to get rid of his corset, but his dad always tells him to take a chance. I guess, when faced with the uncertainty of Isaac's lame passive-aggressive consultations, you have no choice but to trust yourself. Maybe that's what he's doing? That's brilliant! Haven is freaking. She is worried about having enough time and making the right decisions. Isaac and Kelly quietly back away from her. They talk to Anna and don't seem to believe that her jacket pays homage to Chanel.

Outside the workroom, they don't make any comments about particular designers. Inside, Anna is pissed about their method of walking through and planting seeds of doubt. Listen to Reco's daddy! Reco and Merlin both say that Anna's jacket is for an old lady.

For our little mini segment, Daniella asks Haven who she would fuck, marry, and kill of erstwhile designers Johnny Day, Merlin, and Reco. She says she would kill Merlin, because he wouldn't want to fuck her. She'd fuck Johnny Day and she wouldn't enjoy it. And, she'd marry Reco because he's fun. He hugs her and says that they would have great sex and a lot of kids. No, thank you.

With two hours before the show, Haven is making final touches. James-Paul says ominously that he has seen Haven's sketch and, with YSL, the shape is very important. He also mentions that suits are hard to make. Isaac enters and tells them that their models are coming in. Daniella is worried about her decision to make pants.

Backstage at the fashion show, Haven says that she's not sure who is winning and who is in trouble. Reco interviews that Anna picked the right designers for her friends, but he thinks it's going to backfire on her. His rationale? When given the options, the judges choose shit over bullshit. Hmm. The audience is filing in. There is my archgoddamnedenemy Kelly Bensimmon. And, she looks pretty good. I hate her. There's Mary Gehlhar, the author of Fashion Designer Survival Guide. There's "fashion expert" Judy Licht. Raul Melgoza, creative director of Luca Luca. He looks like he was drugged. Backstage, Johnny interviews that he was inspired by this challenge and really wants to win. Celebrity fashion designer Peter Som is sitting beside Fern and is our guest judge! Haven is having problems with her zipper and waistband meeting. She says that she's on the verge of freaking out. That horrible guy comes in and drags all of the models out of the room.

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