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With two hours remaining in the day, the designers shop for supplies with a budget of $230 each. James-Paul is, of course, poring through prints. He says that he's going to frame his skirt, a la Pucci. Haven and Johnny both seem like they're on the right track. Merlin says to James-Paul that "these bitches, they set us up." Isn't he the one who was barking from day one about how this was a competition? Well, this is COMPETING. He says the girls are threatened by him, Reco, and James-Paul because they are original.

At the workroom, they have an hour to work. Reco interviews that he thinks the other designers have written him off because he doesn't know who Halston is. Well, he thinks he's going to show them a thing or three. He's designing a corset to show off the waist of his dress. Um, not sure. Anna interviews that Halston didn't do corsets. She says that she tells her students that fashion is about knowing everything that came before you. Halston was about draping and simplicity. They are supposed to have their own style come through though, yes? But, I guess a corset could be changing the core of what Halston is about. Whatever happened to the Alec Baldwin Halston biopic that everybody was talking about a couple of years ago? I bet he didn't want to drop the pounds. That would have been an amazing movie, though.

Anna is making a flapper dress in traditional boxy Chanel style. She's adding pleating as her own signature. Haven says that she loves how YSL made women look very feminine in suits that looked like they were for men. She sounds a little unreliable when she's talking, though she didn't say anything that wasn't true. Merlin is having a problem because he has never seen Madame Gres' work. James-Paul interviews that Madame Gres' work is like a Greek statue with a lot of draping. Merlin jokes that he's going to try to invoke Madame Gres and ask her to come to him in his sleep.

The next day, Merlin tells the designers that Madame Gres did, in fact, come to him in his dreams. She said to him, "Don't fuck up, bitch. I'm Madame Gres." She was a salty one, that Madame Gres. Merlin is going to make a geometrical evening gown. Doesn't sound very drapey. Daniella says that, when she thinks of Dior, she thinks of an old photo of a woman in a white jacket and black skirt. She says to Haven that she's thinking of making pants and Haven says that's not Dior. And, it isn't really. The New Look was all about that cinched waist and hourglass shape. Hard to reproduce with pant, unless you make another harem pant. And, no. Daniella feels like a skirt would be old-fashioned and justifies in her interview that they are supposed to show themselves in these designs as well. Anna agrees that she should go with her instinct.

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