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It's down to Merlin and Anna, the only two designers to get even a single question correct. Isaac asks Anna who designed for the House of Dior after Christian Dior's death in 1957. She guesses Yves St. Laurent and she's correct. Awesome, Anna! Isaac asks Merlin who popularized light, wrinkle-free jersey material for dresses. His choices are Pucci, Madame Gres, or Yves St. Laurent. He chooses Yves St. Laurent and a simple analysis of the nature of quizzes, especially those given on TV, would have eliminated that answer -- since the last answer was Yves. But, he does not complete that analysis and is wrong. The answer is Pucci. Anna wins! She interviews that her students would have given her shit had she not won.

Isaac tells the designers to meet him and Kelly at The Fashion Show runway in a few minutes. Then, they all go there. The challenge is to pay homage to one of the fashion greats that they mentioned this morning. They have vintage dresses by the greats on display. Isaac says that they are going to be looking for a tribute in their designs, but they also want the signature styles of the designers to shine through. A mere knockoff would be an insult to the dead fashion greats.

Because she won the mini challenge, Anna gets to choose which fashion icon she wants. She chooses Coco Chanel. Kelly asks why and she says it's clean and modern and Coco did a lot of jackets. Anna also gets to choose what the other designers get! Yves St. Laurent is next. She gives him to Haven, who hugs her in return. Haven says that a lot of her inspiration comes from YSL, which you can totally see. Christian Dior is next and Anna chooses Daniella. She gives Gianni Versace to Johnny. Madame Gres is next, and James-Paul interviews about how much he loves her. But, she gives him to Merlin. This part's strategy, because the Madame Gres dress is blousy and modern. Heh. Not very Merlin. He says that he has never heard of Madame Gres. Isaac gags. It really would have been perfect for James-Paul. In fact, I think he has designed the very dress that is on display. Anyway, she gives Pucci to James-Paul. He interviews that he loves Pucci, too, so Anna has made a mistake. Then, she gives Halston to Reco. Everyone giggles and Anna interviews that Reco makes intricate, corseted designs, while Halston was simple. Isaac asks Anna if she was employing a strategy, and she says that she was. Reco looks really pissed and says it's OK, "Make sure your friends are taken care of, but that's OK." I'm not sure if he's saying that Anna took care of her friends or that he is her friend and she should have taken care of him. I never see or hear of Anna as part of any clique, so he should just relax. He interviews that Anna is trying to "throw some salt in a pimp's game." Keeping it classy. Isaac warns them that those who don't learn from fashion history are doomed to hang by a thread. That sent a shiver up my spine.

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