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Hello, Le Parker Meridien. Daniella greets Reco, which is interesting, since they bickered so much during last week's challenge. He interviews that he doesn't trust her, but he'll tolerate her. Haven, who is in curlers, interviews that she is thrilled that she won the challenge last week. She feels like it took her a while to find her voice, but she has it now.

At the workroom, Kelly, Isaac and Laura Brown are there to present the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge. I wonder, is it really necessary to introduce Laura every time. This is not Jay Leno. We, designers included, all expect her to be there. Isaac starts his Mini Challenge lecture. He tells the designers that it's important for them to know their fashion history. While counting fingers on his sassy hands, he mentions Halston, Chanel, Christian Dior, Madame Gres (Johnny nods in a really brown-nosey way), Emilio Pucci, Gianni Versace and Yves St. Laurent. They are going to get a quiz. Reco interviews that he didn't go to FIT or Parson's, he doesn't know the history of fashion. He just "does" him. You don't have to be all Da Vinci Code to learn shit about fashion. Pick up a magazine, such as Harper's Bazaar.

Isaac dramatically reaches for Kelly and says that he will play Alex Trebek without the moustache. Then, he gives them his profile (it's like he's dancing, really) and says that the winner of the challenge will have a special advantage during the elimination challenge. Anna interviews that she is a teacher, so she's very interested in knowing about fashion history. Kelly selects a name at random and begins with Anna. Isaac asks Anna who created the little black dress. Then, he gives her multiple choices (Dior, Chanel, or YSL). There can't be an easier question in fashion history, can there? She gets it. He repeats a quote of Coco Chanel's-- "You dress a chambermaid like a lady and a lady like a chambermaid." Isaac asks Merlin who is credited with the quote, "Fashion fades. Style is eternal." He guesses Yves St. Laurent and he's right! Isaac asks Haven what Pucci's nickname was -- the King, Premiere, or Prince of Prints. I would think that the rhyming would have given it away, but Haven guesses King of Prints. She's wrong; it's the Prince of Prints. I see what Isaac is saying; it is definitely vital that they all know this stuff. Haven interviews that she should have been asked something about Gucci. She knows about Gucci. Well, just enjoy your new knowledge and have a seat. Isaac asks Reco what celebrity always wore Halston in the '70s-- Farrah Fawcett (R.I.P.), Cher or Liza Minnelli. He whispers that he doesn't know shit about Halston, then guesses Farrah. Oh, Reco, you couldn't be more wrong. Laura is practically outraged. "Liza Minnelli, man!" I understand her ire. For REAL, Reco. Frickin' Liza wore the SHIT outta that shit, back then. He interviews that, where he's from, people don't know about Halston. Then, pack your bags, baby, it's time to move. Isaac asks Johnny what signature Pucci incorporated into all of his creations. Johnny guesses "Emilio Pucci" and he's wrong. It's just "Emilio." Isaac asks James-Paul for what artist's 1992 world tour did Versace design the costumes. His choices are Prince, Madonna and Elton John. He chooses Madonna, but it's Elton John. Isaac shakes his giant, histrionic finger at James-Paul and says that he, Isaac Mizrahi, would never associate Madonna with Versace. That period was when she was wearing the Jean Paul Gaultier stuff. True enough, but didn't Madonna do some Versace ads some years ago? I guess that was Donatella, but suck it, Isaac. She can still be associated with Versace. Isaac asks Daniella what, in addition to the cardigan jacket, did Coco Chanel popularize -- bell-bottom pants, shorts or long skirts. She guesses shorts and she is wrong. Coco popularized bell-bottoms.

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