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To the Hip Hop, Please Stop

They think Johnny doesn't try hard enough. Fern thinks that Angel is not a visionary. They really hated the styling of Angel's look. Isaac asks if they'd rather have a designer with little potential (Angel) or one who wants to show a small portion of what he can do. Onstage, Johnny's bitching about how he doesn't care what happens. Reco gets annoyed and says people are playing in his profession up there. Then, he gets up and leaves. Johnny tells Haven that he's mad because he didn't think that she should have been in the top. Then, he comes back to his seat. Haven asks him if he has a problem and he "congratulates" her. She mentions that he's angry and that he's been talking about her and he kind of blows up. Then, Daniella says that if he keeps choosing sides, he won't have one to be on. That makes Reco even angrier and he says that Johnny is his problem, because he's bitching like he doesn't want to be there. He says it's embarrassing and Daniella's about to talk him down when Haven stops her. Reco says that he and Daniella will be standing at the end and she just sort of laughs.

NYC Prep, I already love you.

The judges are back. Isaac tells Angel that hip-hop is too pervasive a trend to claim ignorance. Johnny's designing with 10% of his potential. Johnny... is hanging by a thread! That means that nobody's buying Angel. Poo. She hugs everyone and is very gracious and leaves. She cries a little in her interview and says that she has never been with that many egos in a room at the same time. She says that Daniella is so mean and that Reco at least tells you if he hates you. She'll miss James-Paul the most.

Jeff Long spent high school on the outside, looking further out. He can be reached at

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