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Afterwards, Michelle Sivvy says that Johnny's was her favorite look! She thought that it married fashion with the salable. Leon Hall, that gay from Joan Rivers' old E! fashion reviews (you know, the one who appears to know NOTHING about fashion), thought the jock outfit was horrible. He wouldn't have known what it was about without the label. You have a point, Leon. Designer Ashleigh Verrier thought Haven's look was very interesting. Designer Shelly Brownfield liked Reco's matching of plaid with the white gown. Fashion publicist Claudine Gumble enjoyed James-Paul's look, because it would appeal to all of the women who are crazy about "Gossip GirlS." Yeah, people really love "Gossip GirlS." It's interesting that two of the looks the judges criticized were complimented by famous guests.

It's time for judging. Isaac introduces Kelly, Fern, and Charlotte. He says that he and Kelly were scared after they visited the workroom, but they looked much better than he imagined they would. The designs with the most audience votes were Haven's and Merlin's!!! Crazy. Reco murmurs, "Haven up there," with disgust as he sits down. Kelly says that 83% of the audience said they would love his design. Isaac thinks that the mixture of pinks is pretty mean and Fern finds the pants to have a mean fit. A member of the audience said that Haven's look was a "killer outfit." Reco is furious. The judges feel like she really got the essence of her clique. The winner is MERLIN! Wow. He interviews that he wanted a Polaroid of Reco's and Daniella's faces.

The other designers return to the stage, sans immune Daniella. The loser designs are Johnny and Angel. Wow, this doesn't look good for Angel. An audience member said that Angel knew nothing about hip-hop style. She would agree, I think. Oh my God, they attack her. Kelly says that she's INSULTED by Angel's look. Angel tells her again that she went to school in Indiana, blah, blah. Maybe it was "B-girl" that was confusing. We all know hip-hop, but B-girl is used a little less. I only really know it because of So You Think You Can Dance. I thought a B-boy played basketball. Why am I doing this? Anyway, Isaac thinks she could have at least watched some MTV. Ninety percent of the audience said they wouldn't buy Johnny's look. Fern hates the fringe on the legging. He says that he is happy to design for only 10% of the audience. Isaac says that's an excuse -- that fashion must be consumed or it is a failure. The judges deliberate.

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