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Everybody's rushing. Angel looks like she's been crying. She has broken three sewing machine needles on her giant puffy vest. It's so ugly. Just gonna go ahead and say that now. The models arrive and everyone starts getting ready. Designer Charlotte Ronson is our guest judge and has arrived on the front row. She's actually a pretty perfect person for this challenge. There's Fern! Love ya! There's Josh Madden, a fashion stylist who doesn't seem as garish as most. And, there's designer Michelle Sivvy. She's cute. Johnny, who has added fringe to the back of his leggings, asks Haven if he should keep them or not. She says to lose them, but he decides to go with them anyway. He says that, indeed, he doesn't care if they send him home. James-Paul, who is helping Angel sew her vest's final touches, says that she is like a female version of himself. Also, he wants to help her because she is his friend. Aw, that's very sweet. Here's that bald guy who rushes all of the models. I hate that guy. It's time for the show to begin.

Here's Anna's look. It's slacks and the motorcycle jacket. Well done. The pants are gray and the jacket is black. It has a nice cut to it and does have Goth elements. It's just a touch boring though, until she takes the jacket off. There's a really wide belt, with a fuchsia top and horizontal straps across the back. Pretty cool. Reco's dress is here. Too short. He has made a short plaid jacket to go over the top of the dress. Charlotte says "too negligee." It doesn't look horrible, only tasteless.

Here's James-Paul's look. He has made khaki jodhpurs with a few pink and plaid panels on the back. A yellow sweater is layered over a black sweater and there's a belt across one shoulder. There's some detail on the other should with brass buttons and the letter "G." Here's Merlin's. Jesus, it's a look, that's for sure. He kept the sleeves long. There's just SO MUCH other stuff happening. The pants are super tight though. Here's Haven's look. It's very tasteful. Short, baggy cargo pant with a cowl neck, baggy blouse that exposes the belly. It's a pretty cool interpretation of the challenge. Reco thinks the details on her outfit weren't as good as his.

Wow, here's Lidia's. It's really fashion forward. It's a jumper in blue with red trim, that has like a front racer stripe. There's a white blouse underneath and a red belt at the waist, thought the arm holes for the jumper are lower. The model is wearing dorky glasses, which Fern likes. Here's Johnny's. I like his tank. The shorts and leggings? I don't know. If the shorts were a little longer and there were no leggings, I might like this better. Johnny says that he doesn't design for Middle America. Can we stop saying that? It's fucking stupid. People from Cedar Rapids, Iowa aren't brain dead. They just live in a different place from you. I understand that someone may have a different mindset because of their geography, but newsflash, Johnny, you don't design for most of New York either. Reco thinks that Johnny's look is "whorish" and if his girl bends over to pick something up, she'll get a tip. Daniella's girl looks good. There's a pant with a braided cord below the waist, a blouse, a blazer, and a hooded wrap. She says that she used a lot of organic fabrics. Angel! Eh, I don't know what to say. It isn't that bad? The pants are calf-length and seem cute. The jacket has a high waist and is blue in the puffy part. There's a yellow scarf that is hideous, as well as a weird trucker cap and magenta sunglasses. Angel thinks these details help. The judges don't speak and I think it's because they feel bad.

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