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Kelly and Isaac enter and talk to Merlin first. They act like Mean Girls. They offer no real advice, but make him doubt every decision he has made. He interviews, crying, that he's very frustrated and doesn't know if his work is right or wrong. They leave him without offering anything other than soul crushing indecision. Isaac asks Reco if his strapless, Empire waisted dress will stay up. He assures them that it will, explaining that it's anchored at the bust. They are not into Johnny's idea, which I have to say actually looks better than I'd imagined. Kelly decides that Johnny must not have gone to any football games. Tell that to his mother, who had to have his band uniform dry cleaned every two weeks. Johnny on the bells. Haven explains that she's trying to create a more refined version of the hoodie and baggy jeans favored by skaters. She interviews that she would be surprised is she were in the bottom, given some of the other garments being made. We see a shot of Reco working on his outfit. Angel's in trouble. Her stuff doesn't look good. And, she said something about skinny pants, but her pants are skinny. This may be goodbye. Anna is worried about her. She says that the B-girls who she went to school with would never wear what Anna had designed.

Outside, Isaac and Kelly kvetch. Kelly thinks that Johnny doesn't care anymore. You try caring on two hours of sleep. Isaac thinks his outfit is really not working. Kelly also thinks that Reco's design resembles maternity wear. Or, a nightgown, adds Isaac and Kelly agrees in a sort of kiss-ass way. Isaac thinks that Merlin is close to doing something really terrific, but he's choking. He thinks that the sleeves should come down to the knuckles instead of the shortened styling he plans. Isaac thinks that it will make the outfit look like a French Poodle, which my girls Rhonda and Frances take serious offense to.

More high school. Reco was 100 pounds when he graduated. He thought he looked really cute at the time, but now he thinks he looked like a fool. Johnny was in the raver scene. Sweet Jesus, yes he was. Bad. Oh God. The photo. It's like the love child of Adam Lambert and Michelle Rodriguez circa Girlfight, but not nearly as good as I just made that sound. It's like if Britney Spears, after her performance in the Super Bowl Halftime Show where she sang with Aerosmith and N'Sync, were kidnapped by a Columbian drug cartel and made to usher the bowling alley underneath their giant mansion on the compound. This is what I imagine she would have looked like had all of those things happened. We get more of Haven's story -- she became a bad girl by junior year and wasn't allowed to cheer or be in student government. At least she wasn't kidnapped.

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