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They go shopping for supplies. They have $140 each for a budget. Johnny is making a short tank and leggings for his former jock. I hope that's flattering to athletic thighs. He imagines that a woman who used to be a jock would now be working at Home Depot. I honestly feel like he's saying that without much irony. Anna is going to make a skinny pant and a motorcycle jacket. She's using moleskin for the jacket and it already sounds pretty cool. I'll be surprised if she doesn't end up in the top two, right? She sounds like she's very sure of what she's doing for this challenge. Haven is trying to do a version of a hoodie for her skater girl. Reco tells Angel what a B-girl is. She interviews that Reco used to be in a clique with Haven, Johnny, and Daniella. Now, he's in a clique with Angel, James-Paul, Lidia, and Merlin. Nice work from the producers there, making this look like high school.

Back at the workroom, Merlin is nervous. He has never seen Mean Girls and generally just does not get what he should do. He is afraid that the judges are going to make fun of his design. He asks James-Paul what he's doing and thinks he says "Creepy" instead of "Preppy." Heh. James-Paul says that he's going to keep this simple so that he doesn't get in trouble. He tells us that he moved to LA from London and no one understood his love of fashion. He got picked on a lot and hopes that this show explains to people why he wanted to do what he does. He's kinda tearful. Move on James-Paul. You're doing just fine and you've got twice as many first names as all of those bullies.

Angel is basing her design on a hip-hop girl who she knows. Johnny's all disgusted that she doesn't know what a B-girl is. She's going to make a skinny pant and a big vest. Reco's almost done a short way into the challenge. The models come in for a fitting and he explains that he's going for a Romeo & Juliet feel for his dress. Daniella's pants don't fit her model. She interviews that she only associates dirtiness with the aesthetic of an environmentalist. She's not sure what to do with the top. At the end of the day, Merlin seems really frustrated.

For some reason, these poor bastards have to wake up at 4 AM. Angel has only had two hours of sleep. She doesn't seem like the kind of girl who would be up all night for no reason. What's going on? Johnny greets Haven, Daniella, and Anna with, "Good Morning, Angels!" They respond, "Good Morning, Charlie!" At the workroom, they have four hours before the show.

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