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The hour is over and Laura and Guiliana start looking at the shirts. She's not into Merlin's shirt because it's a mess. The slogan on Reco's shirt is "2 Vote or Not 2 Vote" which Guiliana likes. Laura also points out that Reco has sewn some trim onto the shirt. Johnny has a graphic of a football on his and "Guiliana '09" and I think it's pretty awesome. She says she wishes her name were larger. She likes James-Paul's Prep look but doesn't seem overly enthusiastic. She really likes Daniella's shirt. Johnny says that Daniella just sewed a bunch of leaves onto her shirt. Guiliana says it's interesting and Daniella whispers, "I hate 'interesting.'" They're looking at Angel's shirt, which has musical notes on it. Laura wonders if a hip-hop girl would wear something with musical notes on it and Guiliana agrees that probably wouldn't happen. It's kind of retro B-girl though. I don't think she did such a bad job for not knowing anything about the clique. We're at Anna's Goth shirt. Laura points out that Anna added a zipper to the side and provided other neat details, and she only had an hour. Guiliana thinks that the Goth girls who DO NOT attend her tony high school would wear that shirt, were there any Goth students there. Lidia has the "Yes, We Can!" slogan on the front of her shirt, which Laura nails as being unoriginal, but Guiliana really likes the math equation on the back. She thinks that the nerds would love it. Finally, we're at Haven's, which is a mess. Seriously, my 8-year old nephew is Renoir next to this girl. She has Guiliana's head on a skateboard and the slogan, "Get On Board! Vote For Guiliana!" Haven thinks the slogan is really inventive and better than anyone else's. Everybody laughs at the shirt though. Guiliana wields her diplomatic chops and says that the slogan is very clever. No it isn't, but you're sweet. She chooses Daniella's shirt. Anna rolls her eyes and interviews with a huff that she wins everything. Daniella says that immunity is pointless because she's staying anyway. Haven actually makes a pouty huff. I guess I'd be a little pissed too.

Isaac tells us that he was an outsider in high school. He was always looking in and judging and now he's a big, scary judge on The Fashion Show. This is a cautionary tale, kids. Join a club. Pick up a tennis racket. Get yourself thrown into detention. For the elimination challenge, the designers will have to design an adult look inspired by the same teen clique that they randomly chose earlier. I could really over think this challenge. Because the normal life cycle of a Goth girl -- does that include a transformation or two into something completely opposite? Or a B-girl? Maybe she's a record exec now. The fashion show is going to be the next day, so they have to work quickly.

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