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It's morning at Le Parker Meridien. Merlin attempts to rustle Reco from his slumber, but he warns him that he is "buck naked with a boner." Classy. Merlin interviews that Daniella is unstoppable now. She interviews that she's trying not to be cocky, because there are a lot of fashion designers to not buy before she's at the top. Merlin looks preggers in his giant camel hair coat.

At the workroom, Kelly and Isaac greet the designers. There's Laura Brown. And, so begins the next Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge. Isaac explains that, as designers, they may be called upon to design for some influential and important people. He mentions Isabel Toledo and Jason Wu designing for Michelle Obama and her arms. Laura says that she's introducing them to one of New York's most ambitious movers and shakers. Haven hopes that it's Hillary Clinton. Yeah, she's got time for this. Reco struggles, STRUGGLES, for Sarah Palin's name. I'm not trying to be a pearl clutcher here, but how fucking out of the loop must you be to not have her name at the tip of your tongue? Reco, read your complimentary USA Today at Le Parker Meridien. They're going to be helping the guest with her upcoming political campaign.

Then, this teenage girl walks into the room. Johnny says that he doesn't know who this "little girl" is. She smiles a most annoying smile and says that she's Guiliana and she's running for student body president. Reco says that he was vice-president of his senior class, so memories have been brought back. Also brought back is his senior class photo. He's holding his lapel. Why would you let the TV people have that? Guiliana says that, in order to win the election, she needs to appeal to as many student voters as possible. Kelly directs the designers to nine backpacks on the wall. Each one is filled with information about a different clique at Guiliana's school. They will have an hour to each design a graphic t-shirt to appeal to the high school clique that they have chosen (randomly). The winner of the mini challenge will have immunity. Anna says that she would love immunity, because she would have a chance to get to the next level and show people what she can do. You could actually do that without immunity.

The designers grab a backpack off of the wall and get to work. Haven has chosen the skater clique. We see a photo of her from yesteryear, with what appears to be a cocktail (or punch) in her hand. She tells us that she was a cheerleader in high school and dryly intones that we shouldn't be surprised. Methinks she's prouder of her cheerleader past than she's letting on. Johnny got jocks. Hmm. So, we can all agree that Johnny will not be getting immunity, yes? He knows jocks like I know Farsi. Merlin finds a tiara in his backpack and immediately places it on his head. Then, he pulls out a notebook that all of them have -- I'm assuming it offers some visual clues about the clique -- that reads "Mean Girls" on the front. Is that really a clique? Couldn't you find a mean girl in several cliques? We see a picture of Merlin from high school and I think it's actually Cindy Sherman. He says that they didn't have weird cliques Honduras. They didn't have to play characters surviving in the jungle life. I'm sure the Honduran version of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! will be making it to his homeland shortly. Lidia got nerds. She decides to go with a math equation. Angel has B-girls. She doesn't know what a B-girl is because she grew up in Muncie, Indiana. Reco got the drama clique and plans on using the tragedy and comedy masks, aka "the frowny face and the smiley face masks." Daniella got the tree-hugger clique. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, but she tells us that she wanted to add to the back "Farm Animals Are Delicious." Anna got Goth. We see a picture of her from high school or the days when she was a member of the music group Luscious Jackson. She tells us that she definitely had her dark days, so she thinks she knows what to do. James-Paul has the Preppy group and he's thinking of Ralph Lauren with the simple silhouettes.

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