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It's morning at Le Parker Meridien when the doorbell of the suite is rung. Reco answers, and there is a man there with bags from Saks Fifth Avenue. He says it's a delivery from Isaac. Reco calls everyone to open the packages. They open them at the same time, and it appears to be light blue satin, which makes everyone groan. Everyone but Johnny. He interviews that his first thought was lingerie, which he's excited about. Excited about making. He's on a high from winning the elimination challenge last week.

Reco reads a card that was inside one of the packages. "Fashion never sleeps. Bring this robe to the workroom for your next Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge." Fashion never sleeps. What a fucking stupid thing to say to the world. The dancers file into the workroom with the blue robes over their arms. Isaac is stunned that there are only six of them left. Merlin says that his dream is to win this contest, and when he has to win, he has to win. Isaac introduces Laura, who introduces a special guest, Beth Kanfer, who is the fashion director of women's accessories at Saks Fifth Avenue. Beth tells them that they are each holding a Fernando Sanchez robe from Saks. Isaac explains Sanchez is credited with the idea of loungewear -- that people would look as elegant lounging at home as they would in eveningwear.

Their task for the Mini Challenge is to make matching garments for the robe, with materials that have been provided. The winner will have his or her design sold at Saks. That's huge! Everyone's very excited. James-Paul was inspired by his grandmother wearing a kimono and Vietnamese trouser pants. Anna's thinking baby-doll top and shorts, but it still feels like pajamas to her. Reco is making a onesie. Johnny has no experience with lingerie, but thinks that it can't be too difficult. Well, using shears is apparently a problem as he cuts himself and ruins his top at the same time. So, he decides to finish the skirt he was making and make it a dress. He's kinda fooling around like he doesn't care. Anna just wants to finish without embarrassing herself. She calls her shorts homage to Haven. James-Paul has issues with the sewing machine.

When time is up, everyone brings their work forward. Daniella has created a jumpsuit in pink satin that was inspired by wearing your boyfriend's shirt. She says that she sleeps in a jumpsuit and Laura sniffs that they have nothing in common with each other. Anna says that her baby doll top and bloomers are made for a lady to flit around the house. They don't seem impressed. Merlin has a long top and pants. Beth says that they would work better as separates (and more tailored), but she likes his approach to lifestyle. Johnny's is a mess, and he says so. He says that he is embarrassed to show it to them. Luckily, his embarrassment doesn't keep him from laughing as he's talking to them. They think that James-Paul didn't have enough time to finish his design. Also, the crotch in the pants is way low. Reco has made a jumpsuit, which really seems to offend Laura. Afterwards, Beth says that the winner, who incorporated youth into her design, is Anna. She seems totally shocked. She is happy to have won two of the Mini Challenges in a row.

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