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This show has been pretty lackluster, yes? Oh look, we're having a reunion. Well, that's a good sign. Isaac welcomes the designers, as well as Fern and Kelly. He says that they have some questions for the designers. He points out that Angel is wearing the shirtdress that she designed for episode 4. She says that some viewers liked it and asked her to reproduce it. Everyone acts faux-enthusiastic about it and she adds that the version she's wearing has actual buttons and buttonholes instead of the glued-on version from the show. He asks her to stand up and model it. He thinks it's really cute. Kelly says that it's "so US Open." Isaac tells her to get Serena on the phone. Yeah, I think that Angel was planning on women playing tennis in her dress. Thank you, Kelly Rowland, for that contribution. I have no idea why that comment bothers me so much.

On to Andrew, the "Pantychrist." So charming. Isaac asks him if sales of lavender-colored jock straps have gone up. Oh good, we're 2 for 2 in the demeaning of the designers. Perhaps there will be some sort of revolt. I can't imagine why you would do this, but if you catch a marathon of this series, notice how Isaac has gained weight throughout. Put that in your lavender-colored jock strap, Isaac. Gross. Andrew continues, saying that his company can't keep up with production. The business is exploding. Well, you set that one up, Andrew. Marcus, who is beside him, begins giggling and Isaac picks up on it and screams that "THE UNDERWEAR IS EXPLODING!" You can't really blame him. Andrew says that he wishes he hadn't been eliminated from the show the way he had. Isaac says that his was a hard week, because they liked his dress -- just not as much as they liked Lidia's. He asks him if he's serious. Isaac's like, of course we're serious. Then, Andrew, who has clearly been waiting to say this, says that he made a very sellable dress, while Lidia's was Nightmare Before Christmas. Isaac and Kelly are stunned. Lidia, smiling, says that, like Isaac mentioned, if you're going to fail -- fail big. Isaac says that there are many ways to fail and they just liked the way Lidia failed more than they liked the way Andrew failed. That may be the most reasonable salient point that has been made on this entire series.

Kelly reminds everyone that Reco, who already looks annoyed, was the last person eliminated. She says they have a lot to talk about, but they want to do it with everyone there. So she brings out the three finalists. Here's Daniella first, then Anna, then James-Paul. Kelly tells them that they'll have to wait until the end of the show to find out the winner of the show. Isaac says that they will also be awarding a judges' choice award. That person will get $10,000. Now, we're going to watch a reel of Reco's stuff. We see Haven interview that Reco is brilliant. She thinks he has a sewing machine in his brain. There's an inset shot of Reco responding and he seems pleased that she said that. There's Reco shouting at the designers that they were playing around in his profession. Oh God, there's his red Halston dress. That was a disaster. We see Glenda Bailey trashing his wedding gown.

Isaac tells Reco that he had a rabid fan base that freaked out when he got cut. Some even accused Bravo of being racist. Oh God. Reco looks like he thinks that's crazy. One comment said that the judges were on crack to keep James-Paul and eliminate Reco. Isaac jokes that Reco wrote the comment, which is also a little demeaning. He's not going to win -- just leave him alone. Fern says that she thinks they made the right decision and they must have been smoking the right stuff. This gets applause from all of the designers. Maybe Reco deserves that a little bit for being such a hot dog during the competition. Seems kinda mean though. Reco says that he made bold choices in his collection and he's happy with that. He wonders if his research went over everyone's heads. Yes, Aztec triangles went over my head, Reco. He adds that he knows "how TV works." Huh? I don't get it. What does he mean? That his collection was too cerebral? Oh God. Fern says that, as was mentioned on the show, you're only as good as your last collection. His last collection wasn't good enough. Isaac says that his collection didn't live up to the promise of his other clothes. Reco, clearly perturbed, says that he is going to be a great designer and has gotten a lot of opportunities from the show, so he's fine with being 4th. I love this tension!!

Isaac says that viewers tuned in for what the designers were making, but also for what they were wearing. Haven's shorts. Johnny's hair. Merlin's everything. There's the time Merlin was hanging out in his panties and he points out that Haven is wearing shorts too, but Marcus says Merlin's "man-berries" are hanging out. Yuck. Kelly says that she has never heard that term before. Duh, someone was sleeping in Biology class.

Cue the Daniella reel. We see Keith compliment her use of color and style. There's a Daniella meltdown in the workroom. Here's Isaac complimenting her emphasis on shoulders for her final collection. Isaac asks for a show of hands of who thinks Daniella will win. Kristin does. Marcus and Keith. Jonny D "half" raises his hand. He says that Daniella has an elusive coolness factor. Isaac thinks that warrants a full raise, so he does. Kelly reads a viewer comment that says Daniella was unfairly portrayed as a bitch. Daniella says that, as the youngest, she felt like she had to fight. Haven says that all that shit's just noise -- Daniella is a sweetheart. Fern adds that the fashion industry likes to turn everyone into a bitch. Did it work with you, Fern? Did it?

Isaac tells us that, for the final show, Merlin and Johnny created decoy lines to keep the results secret. Merlin has a Zac Efron haircut right now. Or Sally Hershberger, which is the same thing, I guess. We see his collection and -- oh my Jesus. It's so completely out there. It's a psychedelic hued Asian space-age unholy amalgamation. It's kind of amazing, but looks like he was either trying too hard or not thinking about humans ever wearing his stuff. Isaac asks Fern what she thinks and she provides some impressions -- surreal, carnival, Rio, New Orleans, Broadway. Merlin says that he has always wanted to design for Broadway. His collection was who he is, which everyone agrees with. Fern says she can't imagine anyone wanting to wear his clothes though. He replies that he would be lying to himself if he designed something else. Keith says that he admired Merlin's bravery and his collection was beautiful. Of course, he says it like he's working with the demented.

Next, we see Johnny's decoy collection which he says was inspired by Pebbles and Janet Jackson and Jody Watley. Kelly loves this. There are a lot of high-waisted mini skirts. I think I like it, but there's something a little bland about it. Kelly says that Pebbles never wore short stuff like that. Isaac says that he likes short. Fern says that they didn't know what they would get from Johnny after the evening gown challenge where he ripped off Lanvin. A viewer comment asked Johnny if he was ready to admit that he knocked the dress off. He is, but says it was subconscious. Fern says that all of her friends wrote to her about what a copy it was. Hmm, they still don't say what they really thought of his collection, but it seems fairly positive.

Here's the Anna reel. She says that she is the dark horse, which seems pretty true. Johnny interviews that Anna makes really commercial clothes and he can see her stuff selling. There's that floral print dress! I loved that. We see her collection again. A viewer comment asks why she thought she was the dark horse. Anna replies that she's not a "TV person" with witty comments. Isaac points out that she cries all the time. She laughs and covers her face and concedes that she does have that TV-friendly attribute. Isaac tells her to cry her head off, because he cries a lot too. It's all about you, isn't it, Isaac? He asks Keith what he thought of Anna's collection. He lo

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