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We're near the end! Kelly Rowland tells us about the incredible journey that we've witnessed. Clothes made. Some good (tears!). Some bad (Johnny is a cheater!). The show proper begins with Daniella trudging down a New York City sidewalk with a garment rack. There are two days until the penultimate fashion show. She says that everyone told her that, at 22, she was too young to be successful in this competition. But, look at her, World! And, there's Anna. As she's walking with her garment bags (Bravo can't spring for a taxi?), she tells us that she's very excited. She feels like she has been a dark horse in the competition. She says that she has spent the last three months of her life "doing this," so she came prepared, like a girl scout. I'm not sure if she means she spent the last three months working on her collection or doing fast, crazy challenges on this show.

When Anna enters the workroom, she and Daniella hug. Daniella interviews that she's glad Anna was the first one there, and she's excited to see what she has been working on. Daniella asks Anna how she's been, and she replies, "Poor." 2009, baby. Daniella asks her if, when she was creating her collection, Anna felt like it was a culmination of her work on the show. She did feel that way, and Daniella agrees that she felt that way, too. See-through blazers for everyone! Anna interviews that she became interested in making clothes when she was in high school, and fashion seemed like the obvious college direction for her to take. She's proud of how far she has come, but now she'd like to win. Not to burst the amazing suspense created here, but you've seen the text polls that run during the show? Doesn't matter the question, if it's a positive response they're looking for -- Reco wins. People with phones like Reco. Now, the winner will be decided by the audience, yes? Seems to me that this entire episode may be unnecessary. [You would think so, wouldn't you? But no. - Zach]

Anna takes a look at Daniella's collection. She laughs that she knew Daniella would use leather! Daniella interviews (in the most Xanax-induced way -- pick up the pace!) that her grandmother would have loved to have seen Daniella's progress. When she died, she told her that everything she made would have the grace and elegance that her grandmother had. That's what I want to hear on my deathbed, someone's freaking mission statement. Here's the winner, I mean, Reco. He hugs the ladies and asks Daniella if she's smoking crack, because she's apparently thinner. She says that, no, she has been "working on a collection." He interviews that he has always seen Daniella as his competition. He reminds us that he is fashion and will prevail.

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