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First things first, let's all cross our fingers that Dominique and David get married and have babies by the end of this episode. Or at lest make-out. Can we agree on that? Great.

It's morning and NYC is bustling and Dominique is saying it's crazy what they've gone through in this competition. Calvin, Jeffrey and Dominique leave some building en masse. They all interview about how they knew they would make it to the finale. They go to a venue where 6 of each of their designs are showing.

Iman greets them and offers congratulations. The three of them are there but only one will make the ultimate collection. Iman says that she is reminded of the highs and lows of the competition when looking at the clothes on display. Dominique was the sleeper. Her design for the time capsule challenge is when she stepped out of crowd. Also her umbrella dress was a revelation. They're looking for more surprises from her final collection.

Iman still has nightmares about the yellow dress with all of the diamante adornment that Calvin made and was "allegedly" inspired by her. But, then his femme fatale dress was inspired. This collection is his chance to show him.

Iman didn't think Jeffrey would make it far in the competition after his weird first look. They can't wait for his unleashed vision in the finale.

Iman reminds them that there are no more Houses, no more challenges. Each of the final designers will have a base of 3600 bucks for their collection. Jeffrey will have 1000 extra, because he won two challenges. Dominique won two challenges but will get 500 extra because she chose immunity over cash once. Calvin doesn't get anything extra because bitch never won no challenges.

They will have 7 days for 9 looks. Calvin knows it's only him now, which finally makes him happy, unless, I guess, he starts being inappropriately harsh to himself. Dominique is struck by the silence now, after so much chaos. Jeffrey wants to make something meaningful and thinks of his mother, who is no longer with us.

It's the final fabric shopping. Calvin tells Dominique that he is going with all black. Jeffrey finds red fabric -- his mom's fave and a color he feels women look good in. Calvin, who cartoonishly peeks his head through some fabrics to look at Jeffrey's progress, thinks his choice looks horrible and cheap.

They go back to workroom. Jeffrey remembers his past with Calvin. He can see that Calvin has opened up. He gives it up for him being a great designer and also thinks he has great concepts. Calvin has gotten so many lessons on how to be a grown-up from these people.

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