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So, here we are again. Now Calvin has been inflicted on House of Nami. Naturally, the Emerald kids are glad to see him gone. Calvin, meanwhile, is loving the drama. He doesn't care if the Nami peeps want him or if the Emerald kids hate him. David says that having Calvin join their team felt like a kick in the stomach. He who kicks David in the stomach is a scourge on the fashion planet and must be stopped. Stopped! Things aren't great for Emerald though. In fact, Tamara thinks that their House can still manage to go haywire.

The designers meet Iman on a stage. She tells everyone that, in the tradition of Mata Hari, Barbara Stanwyck and, um, vampires, the challenge is for each House to create a collection inspired by femme fatales. Vampires? The show will happen the next day. Everyone immediately gets to work designing their collections. It appears that all of them are inspired by a 1940's aesthetic. As the designers are choosing their fabrics, Dominique cracks that, even if their garments are ugly, they always choose pretty fabrics. Also, she's very sad to not be working with Cesar.

Tamara doesn't feel the same way though. She and Cesar butt heads over the direction of their collection. Tamara really has a lot of problems merging her vision with that of others, doesn't she? They present their ideas to Isaac and tell him they're going for a Disco Vampire aesthetic. Sounds like a recipe for disaster and possibly adds a completely new meaning to having a DJ save your life. Vampire-slaying DJ, anyone? Isaac seems to really love Tamara's idea, but doesn't he always say that? Never mind. Cindy is going for a super-low cut dress and Isaac says that she needs to be mindful of not having a garment that looks cheap.

House of Nami is going to try to present the dark side of the '40s. Eduardo is going to make a short dress and Isaac really likes the idea. Dominique likes the idea of an oversized trench, which Calvin fights. Isaac, however, says that they should go with the idea.

They all get to work and problems arise immediately. Tamara worries about not being able to finish. Golnessa says that she's trying to have some danger in her look. Rolando, meanwhile, is just worried about his garment being ridiculous. The odd friendship between Tamara and Calvin continues. He tries to talk her out of making her look in all black, but, not surprisingly, she's too defensive to take the advice. Granted, I'd sooner take Ipecac whilst wearing all white than take advice from Calvin. Golnessa found her danger. It's in the form of a crazy-looking dress. She doesn't know how to finish it and says that she can't work when she's frustrated.

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