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It's the morning after the previous fashion show. Jeffrey asks Dominique how it feels to win two challenges in a row and she is, of course, happy. She says that she sees herself progressing straight through to the finals and then the moon.

The note with the location of the next challenge is slipped under the door and they all hit the road. They meet Iman at New York Vintage, which is freaking beautiful. Jeffrey rightly says that it's like a museum and he wants everything. I guess he needs some vintage stuff to match his dusty old virginity. I don't know why I just did that.

Before explaining the challenge, she tells Jeffrey that he's returning to the House of Emerald. He's back with Cesar, which makes him happy because they have great chemistry.

Now, it's time to meet their very special guest. It's Fashion Legend Simon Doonan! He is creative director of Barneys and a wearer of loud shirts. Calvin is very excited and says that Simon is a celebrity to him. Simon says fashion is just a bunch boring clothes without great accessories. For their next challenge, he will hand select accessories from the vintage store to be the inspiration for a collection. He gives Dominique a pink pig handbag and an old bustle. Eduardo gets a furry black hat a la Audrey Hepburn and a silver belt. He's confused because the belt is rock and roll while the hat is old school and he's not sure about how to pull them together. Simon chooses a neck ruffle for Calvin. Cesar gets this amazing crocheted coffee mug and bird hat. That's the best thing that has happened on this show all season, that hat. Jeffrey gets this old Dior cape of feathers that's way over the top and pretty freaking fabulous.

They each have to make two looks -- one for each of the accessories. The fashion show is the next day, which should mean that all of the garments are TOP notch. Dominique is all "holy shit" with a smile on her face, so I'm not sure if she's really nervous or possibly losing her grip.

The winner of the challenge gets closer to winning the whole competition, says Iman. That has actually always been true. She says it would be heartbreaking to make it this far and not go further.

It's storyboarding time (which I almost accidentally described as "waterboarding"-- there's a Freud/This Show joke in there somewhere) and Cesar leads with trying to pull his and Jeffrey's ideas together. Jeffrey is excited to be working with Cesar, but when he suggests tie-dye for his garment, Jeffrey balks.

Eduardo and Dominique are on the same page, but Calvin is quiet. He interviews that Eduardo makes the same dress over and over. Dominique says simple and chic is the way to go for their collection, but Calvin says no -- it's couture and should be theatrical. He's right but he's such a bitch.

They're shopping for fabrics at not-Mood. Dominique says Nami's basic concept is old school glamour -- black and white. Calvin doesn't know what he's looking for. He trusts his taste but doesn't know what he wants to do. Story of my life and I'm not even joking mostly.

Jeffrey is looking for fabrics that he loves. Cesar is not afraid of painting, he says. Holding onto that tie-dye idea.

At the workroom, Isaac meets everyone for a consultation. Nami explains their inspiration as My Fair Lady but avant garde -- black and white. Isaac says they should go graphic and bold if they are doing black and white. He says that Eduardo needs to do something besides a pretty cocktail dress, maybe pants. Dominique has a Judith Lieber purse. She wants to make a pig coat. Isaac is in love with the idea. Calvin has a lot of ideas, but says he hates what he's doing. Isaac tells him to focus, because he thinks he has a real germ of a great idea.

At the House of Emerald, Cesar tells his idea about the dyeing and Isaac doesn't like it. Why make something difficult when they already have a lovely ivory fabric there? Jeffrey says he wants to make an oversized caftan for the cape and a dress to go with the earrings that he has. Cesar insists that he's dyeing and Isaac is really opposed.

Emerald starts working. Jeffrey's caftan look has pants. Cesar makes a one-shouldered dress to be complemented by his brooch. Jeffrey is still worried about the prospect of dyeing and Cesar seems annoyed.

Dominique is making her pig coat and she can't seem to stop saying the words "pig coat." She's going to make a humpback with the bustle and to that I say "hell yeah." Eduardo is going to make a pencil skirt and it will have a ruffle. Calvin obviously doesn't like that. He says that he really wants to win. If he does, he'll donate everything to the Gay Men's Health Crisis. What? His partner of ten years, the love of his life, is dying. The center has helped and educated him and he wants to give back. Jesus, this makes it awfully hard to just hate him now. FINE, nuance, I get it.

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