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It's 3 A.M. at the Parker Meridian. We see a packed suitcase. Then, here's young, crying Kristin telling us that this is a difficult competition. It's really demanding. Then, we see a clip of Isaac telling her at the last judging that she might not have a place in the fashion business. She says that she has decided that it is in her best interests to go home. Wow. You know, sometimes, when you're a creative sort, it's not always the best thing to have people telling you suck all the time. Maybe she's protecting her "instrument." I don't know. Godspeed, Kristin.

The next morning, we see the underwear designer shirtless. It is nice. Keith, who greatly resembles Blair Manning from One Life To Live informs the coffee drinkers that Kristin has left. Merlin says that she was cute. Keith interviews that Kristin wasn't very tough, so it may have been the best thing for her to leave. He mentions to Reco that both Jonny D. and Kristin were on his team, which provokes Reco to tell him that he's bad luck.

They go to the workroom, where Isaac greets them while hugging their auras to his sternum with this grasping hand flutter. He asks them how they enjoyed working in teams. Crickets. Too bad, because they're going to be working in the same teams. Everybody's mouths fall open. Since James-Paul won the last challenge, he can pick one person from his team (Team Bolero) or the other team (Team Harem Pants) to go to Keith's team (Team Tube Dress). Daniella interviews that she prays that James-Paul will pick her, as she hates working with Merlin. James-Paul answered her prayer! Merlin interviews, "The bitch is out." He reminds me of the guy who ripped the beating hearts out of people's chests in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I'm right about that. Watch it.

Kelly, who looks like someone threw a bottle of bleach on her purple dress, tells them that it's time for the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge. So much about this show feels like, "How can we make this different from Project Runway?" Which is good in some ways. I just notice it is all. Laura Brown comes in. The teams are given boxes of clothing with high-end and affordable items. They have to dress to mannequins in the respective items. The team to correctly identify the high-end and budget stuff, in the shortest amount of time, wins.

Team Tube Top (I hate these names) goes first. Andrew (the underwear guy) doesn't really see the difference. Keith seems to get it. They finish after two minutes and 47 seconds. Daniella interviews that, right after they said they were done, she noticed some stuff that was wrong. Makes me think she likes to take an Old Guys In The Balcony From the Muppets approach to teamwork. Speak up, lady. They had three pieces incorrectly placed. A scarf (which Daniella picked as wrong), a blazer, and a belt (she kinda picked that one too). They go again. Now, they have the dress wrong (which Daniella picked before, meaning she was wrong) and the blazer is still incorrect. This is hard. They're over five minutes now. Finally, at seven minutes and 29 seconds, they get it right.

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