Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

by Rachel Stein October 29, 2011
Fall Pilot Season 2011: Grimm

We open on a dark forest and Brothers Grimm quote: "The wolf thought to himself, what a tender young creature. What a nice plump mouthful..."

It's a decidedly creepy day, and a girl wearing a little red riding hoodie emerges from a building, jogging to Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams." She enters a path, where she comes across a Precious Moments-type figurine. Rather than simply assuming someone chucked the crappy Hallmark gift from their grandma and continuing her workout, Lil' Red stops to examine the tchotchke and is IMMEDIATELY MAULED BY A WOLFMAN. Okay, I get scared of everything, and I promise to keep my scream-typing to a minimum, but we're not even a minute in before we get this low-budget monster and canned screams and wolf noises... and Apple product placement. Nice touch, Grimm.

Over at a jewelry store, a man with a shiny ring box is being watched by a police camera. Turns out the guy is a cop and so is his buddy, Hank, who simply wanted to test out the new merchandise. They banter about marriage when Detective Proposal spots some interesting looking stranger. Hank laughs that he's already scoping out chicks, but the detective swears it's not like that, this woman is fishy and HOLY CRAP stop it, Show! You cannot just make people turn into demons like that. I am officially going to be on guard. As for Detective Proposal, seeing a human face distort into a grotesque monster only slightly registers on his "That's Fucked Up" scale.

Back in the wooded scene of the crime, our officer friends are looking at a bloody nub of some body part. The park ranger (or whoever he is?) guiding them through the evidence catches them up on what he knows so far: That 1) this shit is nasty, 2) the victim was a her, a fact he deduced from pink running shoes (SEXIST!) and 3) it wasn't a bear, cougar or wolf, but rather a creature who walked around wearing boots. Either this is the best Shrek franchise tie-in ever, or something freaking is happening. As the detectives try to make sense of what they're seeing, they stumble upon Lil' Red's pink iPod, still blaring (unless they have super Chloe King-strength cat hearing) what can only be assumed is the longest recording of "Sweet Dreams," ever... unless all of this went down in under three minutes. I'm going with the more logical former.

The guys go back to the station to draw at straws, where our protagonist (his name is Nick, by the way) sees another demon face, this one not as entirely out of nowhere.

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