The Miracle Of Everwood

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Maybe They All Should Have Had A V-8

We open with a monkey in a hockey uniform. He has a hockey stick, and seems to be trying to tell us something important. Wait. The hell?

After a lengthy conversation with my seven-year-old, it seems that she thought recording MVP: Most Valuable Primate in the place of THE SHOW I GET PAID TO RECAP was a great idea. Fortunately for her, my channel-changing hand is quick, and I only missed the first minute or so. If you want that first sixty seconds recapped, well, I'm real sorry.

We come in on what I'm assuming is a flashback of Colin and Bright playing basketball. Amy comes out and says something bratty, then stomps back inside. Tiny Bright shoots, and we flash to the present. Colin walks up and says to Bright, "You always go for the three, and you always miss, too." Bright asks him if he can do any better. Colin says, "Maybe," and starts to take off his arm sling. He grabs the ball from a stunned Bright, dribbles around him, and shoots. He makes the layup, of course. Bright's all, "Dude!" Colin says the sling is history, because he's finished with his rehab. They high-five and do some manly slapping, and Colin challenges Bright to a little one-on-one. Colin is way better than Bright, by the way. Amy walks out, sees them playing, and smiles one of her cheesy "I'm in looooove with Coma Boy, and he's alive! ALIVE!" smiles. Irv says some stuff, but I'm not sure what he's talking about, because I missed the first part of his narration. More's the pity. Heh. Credits.

Diner. Treat sits next to Patch Abbott and orders breakfast. Treat tells Patch that "some magazine" is sending a guy to interview him. Patch snorts something about Treat's interview going between the daily crossword and a recipe for...Hakuna Matata? Ah, no. The captions say "Tuna Frittata," a recipe with which I thank the Lord every day I'm not acquainted. And, hee. I missed Patch. Treat informs him that it's actually "New York Magazine. Ever heard of Joel Horowitz?" Patch chokes on his coffee. "Joel Horowitz covered Rwanda! Last year a lone he interviewed Arafat, and Brad, and JENNIFER!" Treat shrugs. Patch can't believe Horowitz wants to interview Treat. Treat says that Joel wants to do a piece on "City Mouse Turned Country Doctor." Patch says, "I accepted the fact that life stopped being fair to me long ago, but this is too much for anyone." Heh. Treat suggests that maybe Patch will say something interesting while Joel's in town, and he'll be quoted. Patch gets an evil glint in his eye. He starts making up quotes about country doctors, and tells Treat to shut up while he writes them down on a napkin.

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