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How about an episode directed by none other than Patch Abbott? Let's get to it. Aaaaand we start out on a terrifying note, with a shot of a balloon, which -- GAH! -- pops and reveals Britney's face in close-up. Yikes. Britney runs off laughing with Delia and some other kids, and we realize that there's a party going on at the Browns'. A sign over the fireplace reads "Congratulations Ephram!" Rose, ever the gracious hostess even at someone else's house, flits around refilling dip bowls and hors d'oeuvres trays. The camera finds Amy and Hannah in an otherwise unoccupied room, hugging their little hearts out. Amy tells Hannah she doesn't know what to say, and asks if she needs more time to talk. Hannah tearfully says not to worry about it -- they can talk later. Delia runs in to inform the girls that Bright just called, and he and Ephram are two minutes away. Ah, a surprise party. I've always wanted one of those. HINT, HINT. Amy tells Hannah that she can stay with her instead of going out to wait for Ephram, but Hannah tells her not to be ridiculous. Delia tells everyone to hide, and dims the lights. Treat walks in the back door; Patch asks him where the hell he's been, and says they need to talk. Bright and Ephram walk in, and boy are they surprised! Well, Ephram is. Bright's all, "He had no IDEA!" Ephram asks Bright, "Whoa, so all this about you getting fired?" Bright: "No, that really happened." Heh. Ephram finds Amy and accuses sweetly, "You did this." Amy says she had some help. Ephram tells her she's amazing, and that he loves her so much. Amy hugs him and says she knows. A single tear rolls down her cheek. I am not kidding. Why are you crying, Amy Abbott? I bet we'll find out after the credits, which are now.

When we come back, it's one week earlier. Ephram runs his girly little run up the Abbott walkway. Amy meets him outside and asks what's going on. Ephram forces her to guess. Amy: "You're sweating." Ephram says he is, in fact, glowing, which is an entirely different form of sweat. Amy says she hates the guessing game, and to just tell her. Ephram does: he got the Juilliard audition. Yay! Amy freaks out, and says to tell her everything. Ephram says that, basically, a ton of kids tried out, but only sixty got the audition, and he has to be in New York that time next week. Wait, the exact same time next week? Just like this show? How about that! Patch, clad in head-to-toe pink argyle, joins them on the front steps, where Amy shares the good news. Patch congratulates Ephram and says they really should be going, or they'll be late getting Hannah to "the clinic." Ephram tells Amy to wish Hannah luck, and she says she will. Wonderful job so far, Patch Abbott, especially on the argyle work.

Rose knocks on Bright's door, and tells her son that she hates to interrupt his "reading" -- he's perusing a naughty girly magazine -- but she needs to know why she just received a call about him from Human Resources. Bright asks his mom if they're raving about him "again," and Rose says that, in fact, some woman named Jillian is accusing him of sexual misconduct. Oh, no. And, WHAT? Rose says she doesn't know the specifics, and asks Bright if he has any idea who she is. Bright says they went out a few times, but it didn't amount to much. Obviously not. Rose reminds him that he isn't supposed to date co-workers. Bright says he didn't think it was that big of a deal. Rose says it is, and now they both have to attend a formal meeting to figure it all out. Bright says he didn't do anything, so it's no big deal anyway.

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