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Shoot The Moon

Fade up on a bulletin board in the high school that proclaims "College Application Calendar!" A voice-over begins, but don't get too excited -- it's not Irv. Ephram says, "'Tell us about yourself in such a way that we will have a good sense of who you are. 500 words.'" Ephram wishes he'd been asked that two years ago, because he could have said exactly who he was, and who he'd be. "Two years ago I knew it all," Ephram tells us. "And the thing is, I was right." Cut to him and Amy walking down the hall. Ephram asks her how far NYU is from Juilliard. Amy tells him it's only about fifty blocks, and you could walk it with a pair of good shoes. ["Ephram's a city kid and he doesn't know where NYU is? Bad writing there." -- Sars] She also has Sarah Lawrence mapped out -- it's only forty minutes out of the city by train. Ephram obviously doesn't respond in the way that Amy had intended, and she asks him if it's too much for her to be applying only to schools that are close to Juilliard. Ephram says he isn't freaking out at all -- he was thinking that forty minutes would really be far. Ew. And, aw. Ephram says it's such a relief that, a year from now, all their friends will be worried about what they're going to do, while he and Amy will be all set. Amy agrees that this is a wonderful plan, and they are both geniuses. A teacher interrupts their reverie to call Ephram down to the guidance counselor's office.

Ephram walks in the guidance counselor's office, and -- hey! it's Steve from Sex and the City! -- a recruiter from Colorado A&M is there waiting for him. Steve introduces himself as "Chris Tuppelman." Ephram says he's sorry, but he doesn't really play any sports. Chris says he's actually from the music department, and the school is really interested in "local talent." Before Ephram can say anything, Chris interrupts, "Let me guess. You're applying to Juilliard and Berklee College of Music." Ephram confirms, and tells Chris that he's really set on Juilliard, since it's the place to be. Chris tells Ephram not to be so sure -- he went to Juilliard, too. He says that while graduating from Juilliard is really awesome and everything, when you leave there, all you have is top-notch piano skills. When you come out of Colorado's program, you have that and top-notch technical training, which is worth way more out in the job world. Ephram insists he's already set on a plan. Chris asks Ephram how a seventeen-year-old can know how he's going to feel ten years from now, or thirty, and says it never hurts to explore his options by coming down for a tour.

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