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What's the matter with kids today?

Mansion. Where all frat parties are held. Everybody's holding The Official Frat Party Red Plastic Cup. Someone carries a keg by, so we know there's totally beer at this shindig! Woo! Ephram and Bright have no problems walking in, and check around for the instantly spottable Amy, who's standing rather innocuously near a couch, talking to Laynie. She takes a plastic cup from some guy who walks by, and takes a sip. "Oh, what the hell?" Bright moans as he walks over to stop his sister from making some kind of huge mistake at this innocent, smoke-free party filled with kids their age. Amy and Laynie get one more sip in each before Bright takes the cup out of Amy's mouth. They both ask each other what they're doing there. Amy asks if Bright's following her. Laynie points out Ephram, and says he's probably the one doing the ghosting. "Oh, I guess I know what your promises are worth now," Amy says. Ephram didn't promise anybody anything, but he says he was worried. Amy says she doesn't need him to worry. Bright says that Ephram was just worried that Amy would do something stupid. "Which, by the way, you are. You should thank him, because if DAD found out." Amy tells him to shut up. Bright yells that she'd be grounded forever. Amy says she's got everything under control, so Bright can just leave because nobody wants him there, anyway. I'm so sure that Bright wouldn't want to hang out with the college guys who are like, one year older than he is. Anyway, the "college guys" start shouldering up to Bright, asking if there's a problem. They quickly back down when Ephram says that Amy is only fifteen. And by "back down," I mean that one guy just starts laughing in a very weird way that seems to imply he was fully aware of her age, and that only made her hotter. Because that's totally what happens in life. Why is Everwood making it seem like eighteen-year-olds don't want to get with fifteen-year-olds?

They "let her go," but Bright decides that here in public is the best place to yell at Amy, when everybody is looking and laughing, presumably because children are arguing about dead people. "I can't believe you, Amy!" Bright yells. "You're pretending to be in college to impress some frat dicks?" And for some reason, the entire room of men doesn't beat the crap out of Bright just then. Then Bright pulls the Colin card: "Do you think Colin wanted to see you like this?" Drunk, sexed up, and ready? I'm guessing probably. "Huh? Being a total drunk slut at some party?" Okay. Now. Why is she being a slut, though? She wasn't even with a guy. And she's hardly drunk. She is merely at a party. Amy says to Bright, "Well, at least I wasn't drinking and driving." Bright asks what that's supposed to mean. I love how everybody's listening, but the music's still blaring. "You know what that's supposed to mean," Amy says. "Colin'd still be here if it wasn't for you." Bright says, "Well, maybe he'd still be here if it weren't for you. Huh? If you wouldn't've lied about it for so long he might have been able to get some help. But since you covered for him until he was practically dead already." Amy says that's not true. Bright says he knows he's not going to lie like that for Amy. He threatens to tell Harold if she doesn't leave with them right now. She leaves as Bright says after her, "I'm not covering for you." Laynie runs out after Amy, as all good bad influences do. Bright leaves, and everyone in the party is still laughing, having a great time watching a sibling fight about a dead friend. "Aren't high schoolers such dorks? I'm so sure! He's, like, seventeen!"

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