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What's the matter with kids today?

We open with a very special episode of The Wonder Years. Panning down to the L.A. Farmer's Market-looking train station, complete with three of the exact same car (one red, one blue, and one black) to show that we're in the sixties. No, I'm sorry. It's the sounds of "Freedom Rock" blasting in the background that let us know it's the sixties. Come on, people, now. Smile on your brother. "The whistle of a train is a mournful sound," our humble narrator informs us. "As if the locomotive itself could grow tired of saying goodbye." We watch a woman in uniform walking with her husband and two children into the station. "It is the sound of wars and death, distances of time and space, of families ripped apart, love torn asunder, futures repealed." Sometimes it's just the sound of gettin' to work. Anyway, ArmyMom asks which of her children wants to hear a speech first. The boy volunteers, and the woman leads him to the side. We quickly ascertain that we're watching a young Patch say goodbye to his mother as she leaves for Vietnam. The little kid (he started in sweaters early) reminds his mother that he had made an extensive pros and cons list, and the results clearly indicate that she shouldn't go away. YoungEdna tells Little Patch that he's his sister's superior and in charge while Edna's away. Patch nods an understanding. "You're a good kid, Harold," she tells him, stroking his cheek. "Just try not to take everything so seriously." Everybody get together, try to love one another right now. Edna tells Harold to get his sister. A little redheaded girl comes over, all smiles and happiness. Yay, Mommy's going to Vietnam! Isn't it just the most exciting thing to ever happen to Everwood ever?! The little girl asks if she can visit her mother in Vietnam. Edna says it might be "a little tricky." The little girl's name is Linda, and Edna tells her that although she told Harold that he was in charge, the truth was she needs Linda to look after Harold. They hug goodbye. Harold gets another hug. From somewhere in the crowd we hear, "Kids, I need a minute alone with your mother. Go watch from the window." And as the parents say goodbye, a giddy Linda hauls a tearful Harold over to the window. Linda raises the blinds, so stoked that her mom's totally going to Vietnam. Harold is more than upset, wondering why his mom would leave even when faced with the facts of his pros and cons list. Linda, so proud of her mom, says that Edna's off to see the world, just like she's going to do some day. There's a bit of an "are not"/"am too" argument here as we dissolve...

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